The Best Weed Grinder

Finding the right weed grinder can be tricky. Some people are happy to settle for a cheap, poor-quality plastic grinder, but if you're serious about stepping up your weed game then you need a premium product.

A good grinder is an investment that pays for itself and buying a nice grinder will make sure that your smoking experience is the best possible. 

But how can you find a high-quality grinder without burning a hole in your wallet? Don't worry, because we've got you covered.

In this list, we've gathered 8 of the best premium grinders that will give you a great experience without breaking the bank. 

Unlike a cheap plastic grinder, these will ensure that you get the best grind possible with a superior taste, texture, and quality.

We've also included a handy Buyer's Guide so you know what to look for when making your pick, as well as an FAQ section to go through any burning questions you might have.

So what are you waiting for? Let's take a look at the 8 best grinders on the market!


The Santa Cruz Shredder is one of the most popular manual grinders out there, with some great features that sets it apart from other manual grinders.

Its unique, square-shaped teeth cut in both directions, which makes it incredibly easy and efficient at grinding your bud.

It also comes in a range of different sizes to suit your preferred grind, and its simple design with a textured grip makes it easy for anyone to use. 

Throw in plenty of storage space and a lid secured by a super-strong rare-earth magnet, and you'll never need to buy another grinder ever again.


  • Its unique square teeth help the Shredder live up to its name.
  • The powerful magnet keeps the lid secure while you're traveling.
  • Its dual-direction teeth and easy operation makes grinding a breeze.


  • It's a little pricey for its simple design.
  • While only 3-pieces, it's still taller than other grinders.

Find it on Santa Cruz Shredder here


Cali Crusher Cali O.G

Another incredibly popular grinder (and for good reason!), the Cali Crusher Cali O.G stands tall as one of the best manual grinders available.

It has a lot of similarities to the Santa Cruz Shredder, but with its own great features that really bring it into its own.

Its diamond-shaped teeth grind weed effortlessly, while its high-quality aerospace aluminum materials mean that the teeth will never become loose or blunt. 

While it might not have any extra features, it more than makes up for this with its great value, with a more-than-reasonable price for a grinder of this quality.

Finally, it comes in a range of great colors, including both metallic and matte designs. What isn't there to love?


  • Has a kief catcher and a pollen scraper.
  • Its high-quality materials and design makes it long-lasting and easy to use.
  • Comes in a range of attractive colors.


  • It only comes in one size.
  • The design is fairly simple without any extras.

Find it on GrassCity here.


Electric Smart Herb and Spice Grinder - OTTO by Banana Bros with Pollen Catcher

Looking for something a bit flashier? Then this is the grinder for you.

The Banana Bros OTTO is one of the best electronic grinders on the market, absolutely bursting with great features and incredible quality.

While it is on the pricier side of things, this is a great grinder to splash out on if you're a regular smoker and willing to pay a bit extra.

This grinder has got it all. Not only does it grind your weed automatically, but it is also able to adjust its speed, pressure, and coarseness depending on the consistency of your bud.

That's not all, though; easily the best feature of the OTTO is that it rolls for you. 

There is a built-in joint roller beneath the grinder, with a funnel that automatically fills and rolls the cone without you having to lift a finger.

This is an optional feature too, so you can also use this grinder for bowls and pipes.


  • The automatic roller means you get a perfect cone every time.
  • It adjusts to the consistency and texture of your bud as it goes.
  • Easy-to-use and completely mess-free.


  • It's much more expensive than simple grinders
  • The grinder itself is small so you may need to refill it to fill a joint

Find it on Banana Bros here


Sharpstone Hand Crank

Crank grinders are a nice middle-ground between manual and electronic grinders; they take away a lot of the effort of grinding, without doing it completely automatically.

The Sharpstone Hand Crank is the perfect example of this, with its great design and quality materials making grinding a joy to do.

Unlike manual grinders which typically use interlocking square or diamond-shaped teeth, the Sharpstone Hand Crank combines one layer of teeth with razor-sharp cutting blades that chop up your but as you turn the crank. 

This leads to a coarser grind, perfect for bowls, blunts, and joints. Its 4-piece design also includes a kief catcher, and it comes with a pollen scraper and a protective bag for traveling.

There's even a clear panel on the top so you can keep an eye on your bud as you grind it.


  • The crank makes grinding a breeze.
  • Its combination of teeth and blades gives your weed a choppier grind.
  • Comes with a pollen scraper and protective bag.


  • Its coarser grind isn't the best for vapes and one-hitters.
  • At 2.5" in diameter, it's on the smaller side.

Find it on LIWTS here.


Marley Natural Wood Grinder

If you're a fan of good-looking grinders, then this gorgeous wooden grinder is right up your street.

The Marley Natural Wood Grinder is a 4-piece grinder made out of sustainably-sourced black walnut. But it doesn't just look great - it works great too.

The 27 precision-engineered teeth are made out of anodized aluminum, which grinds up your herb in no time.

The design also incorporates a polycarbonate window, letting you see how much you've ground already. 

There's even a kief catcher, which comes with a stainless steel pollen scraper that slots snugly into the bottom.

While it's definitely on the pricier side of things, the Marley Natural Wood Grinder is perfect for regular smokers who want something a bit more special.


  • Looks absolutely gorgeous, made out of beautiful black walnut.
  • The polycarbonate window lets you see how much you've ground. 
  • The custom-made teeth make grinding quick and easy.


  • The material makes it harder to clean.
  • Very expensive for its small size and lack of additional features.

Find it on Cannajuice here.


Quant Premium

Another electric grinder, the Quant Premium is a go-to for regular smokers who want something to take with them on the go.

While it may look like a vape pen at first with its sleek cylindrical design, it actually houses four angled cutting blades that rotate at 24,000 RPM.

This blends your weed fine grind in only 10 seconds, and can grind enough for multiple sessions in one go. 

It's incredibly easy to use, blending your bud at the push of a button. Simply tap the weed out when you want to use it, and store the rest of it for later.

Because of its sleek design it's easy to carry around, making it one of the most portable electric grinders available.


  • It's very portable and lets you carry your stash with you anywhere.
  • Blends multiple sessions worth of bud in just 10 seconds.
  • Operates at the push of a button. 


  • As an electric grinder, it's more expensive than others on the list.
  • It's tricky to clean, especially with stickier buds.

Find it on Leafly here.


KINGTOP Spice Grinder Large 3.0 Inch Black

The Kingtop 3" Grinder steps things up from a regular grinder, with a huge 3" diameter and a 4-piece design that is perfect if you go through a lot of buds.

Its size lets it handle much more product at once, with ample storage space and a kief catcher that gathers loads of kief in no time.

With its larger size comes an increased number of teeth - a whopping 45 overall.

These diamond-shaped teeth are sharp and (along with the glide rings for smoother turning) are fantastic at grinding up large amounts of weed in hardly any time at all. If you go through weed quickly, then this grinder is the pick for you.


  • A massive 45 teeth in total, ensuring a smooth and even grind.
  • Its larger diameter lets it grind and store much more weed than a smaller grinder.
  • The sharp teeth and glide rings make grinding smooth and easy.


  • It's on the larger side which makes it less portable.
  • Very simple design without much setting it apart other than quality.

Find it on Kingtop here


Higher Standards Aerospaced

Looking for a high-quality grinder at a great price? Then the Higher Standard Aerospaced has got you covered. Don't let its low price fool you - this grinder is no cheap piece of kit. 

This grinder is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, a feature that's reflected in its appearance.

Unlike the regular design of a grinder, the inside of the Higher Standards Aerospaced is designed to look like a jet engine.

And true to its nature, it flies through even the stickiest buds with near-zero effort.

While it's not the largest model out there, only measuring in at 1.6" in diameter, this grinder is perfect for personal use and for taking with you on the go.

Despite its small diameter, the Aerospaced has plenty of room to hold what you've already ground, and it even has a kief catcher.

It may be small, but its quality is unmatched for the price.


  • The strong aircraft-grade aluminum it's made out of means that you may never need to buy a grinder again.
  • Its unique design is meant to resemble a jet engine.
  • Its sharp diamond-shaped teeth grinds even the stickiest bud to a smooth and even consistency. 


  • Its small size limits the amount of bud you can store at once.
  • It only has a basic design.

Find it on Vaposhop here.

Buyer's Guide

With so many options out there, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when trying to pick out the right grinder for you. 

In this handy guide, we'll take you through a few things to think about when making your choice to guarantee you get the best fit for you.

The Best Weed Grinder


When it comes to grinders, size matters! Larger grinders such as the Kington 3" will take more buds at a time, meaning you'll have to do much less grinding.

If you're an avid cannabis user, then you should go for a wider grinder. Portability is an issue too - this is where smaller grinders really shine. A bigger grinder is harder to take with you on the go.

This doesn't just mean the diameter of the grinder either, as other factors can also come into play.

The number of pieces the grinder has can give the grinder more height; for example, the Marley Natural Wood Grinder has 4 tiers, which makes it taller than a more simple 2-piece grinder.

Extra parts like the crank on the Sharpstone Hand Crank also make some grinders bulkier than others.


While a lot of grinders follow the same 2- or 3-piece design, there are plenty of grinders out there with handy features that you'll wonder how you ever lived without. 

Many grinders, including the Santa Cruz Shredder and Cali Crusher O.G, have an extra layer below where your weed is stored, which is designed to gather kief and pollen.

This is a simple but great addition to have.

Other handy extras include the Sharpstone Hand Crank's chopping blades design, or the Banana Bros OTTO's automatic cone-rolling feature.

There are plenty of extras out there, so keep an eye out for any features you're interested in.

Manual Vs Crank Vs Automatic

This comes down mostly to your personal preference. Manual grinders are the most common, and as a result, have the most options available.

Crank grinders don't differ much from manual one, but take away the need to grind your bud by hand.

Automatic electronic grinders, such as the Banana Bros OTTO, are incredibly convenient and a great tool for any cannabis enthusiast.

However, they're much less portable than a manual grinder and tend to be on the more expensive side of things.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should I Spend On A Grinder?

While most of the grinders on this list are friendly on your wallet, don't be afraid to splash out.

A high-quality grinder is an investment, and paying a little more for a great grinder will mean you'll never have to buy another one ever again. 

The pricier grinders on this list are all great options too if you're an avid cannabis smoker, and will pay for themselves in no time.

That said, if you don't smoke regularly then a $25-$40 grinder is a reasonable price for a quality grinder that will last you forever.

What's The Best Tooth Shape?

There are several kinds of teeth shapes in different grinders, each with their own merits.

Most grinders have diamond- or zig-zag-shaped teeth, which are great for giving you a medium-to-fine grinder. This is perfect for pipes, one-hitters, and joints. 

Bladed grinders, which are typically cranked and automatic ones, deliver a coarser grind for blunts and bowls.

Round teeth are typically found on cheaper grinders, and don't really do a good job at all.

What Is A Kief Catcher?

Many 3- and 4-piece grinders have a piece called a kief catcher. This is a layer that sits under where your weed is ground/stored. It's designed to catch and gather pieces of kief and pollen. 

Kief is a kind of dusty crystal that is formed on buds of weed (also known as trichomes). It is a more pure and clean form of cannabis that delivers a much stronger high when smoked.

Kief catchers let you gather and store kief over time until you want to add it to a joint or bowl.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it - 10 of the best grinders on the market! All of these grinders are great options, and with so many different styles and features to choose from there's something for everybody to love. 

Getting a good grinder is the first step to permanently improving your smoking experience, and the best tool in a smoker's arsenal. Now that you've seen the best of the best, all you have to do is choose!

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