Strain Review: Snoop’s Dream

Snoop’s Dream is the name of an indica dominant strain of marijuana that is favored by the dawgy-dogg himself.

While Snoop didn’t design this strain himself, it is endorsed by the rapper, for whom smoking marijuana has become part of his image, so we can trust his recommendations.

As it is favored by Snoop we can expect this to be a high potency THC strain, so unless you think you can keep up with the Dogg himself, go easy on this one. Keep reading to learn about the Snoop’s Dream marijuana strain.

Strain Review Snoop’s Dream


Created by Breeder Costal Genetics, the strain pays homage to Snoop Dogg and his personal marijuana preferences.

It isn’t crystal clear whether Snoop had any affiliation or ties with the actual creation of the strain or if it is just a marketing ploy. Regardless, it doesn’t take anything away from what is a quality product.

It is rumored that Snoop’s favored strains are, or at least were, Master Kush and Blue Dream.

We know Snoop is affiliated with the West Coast crips, so Blue Dream seems to be a natural favorite for Snoop, but is actually used as the sativa addition to many different hybrid strains.

Snoop’s Dream is a surefire classic, the strain combines the grower’s favorite Blue Dream to curtail the body high of the Kush genetics.

The Kush genetics come from a strain that won the first and original Cannabis Cup back in the 90s, when Snoop was also winning.


The buds of Snoop’s Dream take after its sativa grandfather in appearance; the bud looks similar to Blue Dream. It is very densely packed, which we love, and a piney green color that contrast the amber hairs that signal quality growth. 


The presence of a heavy Kush is fairly noticeable in the aroma, as well as other features, of this bud – the smell is piney and earthy like the scent of a genetically strong Kush.

The smell is strong, so when carrying around within a non-weedy context, be careful with where you are storing your buds.


Again, Kush is the dominating gene in this situation, yet the sativa does provide some fruity additions to a diesel-like flavor base. Together, they work to make a tasty bud.

The Blue Dream adds that blueberry flavor that it is endowed with as well as the piney taste that is common in sativa.

The Kush brings a diesel-like taste that helps curtail anything too sweet. We loved the taste of the bud, a fruity body that is soothed by a diesel aftertaste.


We’re talking about a strain that seems to be genetically engineered for Snoop Dogg himself, so you can expect the strain to be pretty strong.

It’s also worth mentioning that the main effects are Kush focussed, so if heavy Kush isn’t your bag then consider another strain higher in sativa dominance.

The general THC content can range from 18% to 25% which is rather strong, definitely on the higher end of THC content.

This is somewhat of a warning to beginner smokers, if you haven’t smoked much before, you definitely don’t want to get into the same leagues as Snoop Dogg off the bat. 

This is definitely a top shelf strain that should be reserved for the veteran smokers who want to hit in the big leagues. Exercise caution if you are prone to anxiety.

Medicinal Benefits

Thanks to this high THC content this can make the strain medical grade.

The strength means that medical consumers of cannabis can get a lot of pain relief from it, as well as help with insomnia as well as potential mental ailments such as depression and anxiety.

A Kush centric strain like this can also be of great aid to insomniacs.

A combination of the terpenes Humulene and Caryophyllene offers some anti-inflammatory benefits when smoking the strain.

It can also be worth noting that the strain is highly appreciated for its quality of inducing a creative mindset. If you have hit a creative wall this can be a good strain to approach a topic from a new or different angle.

Growing Information

Many growers find that Snoop’s Dream can be a fairly easy crop, but one main factor to consider is that it can have a low yield.

While yield may be lower than other strains, this is definitely a specimen that you should seek quality growth with rather than quantity of yield. 

In any case, as the strain is so new, seeds are not so readily available. You may be able to get them from a seed bank, or from a local grower who has access to the strain. Using cuttings would also be a good idea.

Our Verdict

Overall, we think that Snoop’s Dream is a great, high quality, strain. The merging of both Master Kush and Blue Dream is an immediate winner considering both the quality and fame of each bud.

Master Kush brings the perfect Kushy base to build from, a winner of the original cannabis cup, this strain is forever immortalized in cannabis culture for good reason. 

The addition of Blue Dream is great and really brings some welcome flavor to the strain as well as some enjoyable aromas.

Although the strain still has the characteristic diesel aroma and flavor common in Kush hybrids, but we like the flavor as a chaser to the sweetness of the Blue Dream.

Those who enjoy a strong high that indulges euphoria and creative inspiration will particularly enjoy the effects of the strain. Less sea-hardy smokers may still enjoy the strain in lower doses and could inspire the same effects. 

There’s no wonder that Snoop approves of this top shelf strain, and why so many people are seeking this out as one of the better modern genetic strains.

Sharing this in a spliff with friends can be fun and also a good way to dose it out, as Snoop Dogg said himself ‘it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.’

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