Strain Review: Presidential OG

You have probably heard of OG strains such as OG Kush and Headband OG but have you ever heard of Presidential OG? Today we’re going to explore this flower and its features.

If you like Kush then this is definitely a strain worth getting into, this indica dominant strain this stuff could be used to tranquillize rhinos. All your stress and restlessness will be cured with this medical strain that will have you feeling like Sleepy Joe in no time.


Presidential OG, or Presidential Kush as some know it, is rather aptly created by the growers at Royal Queen Seeds, a Dutch grower.

The strain is award-winning splicing of Bubble Gum and the classic OG Kush. The outcome is a heavy head strain that people love for its medicating effects that seem to cure even the most virulent insomnia.

Many imagine the strain was specifically designed for insomnia medication and is sold in most head shops as one of the best for insomnia. This is thanks to great genetics, good cultivation, as well as marijuana knowledge – this is a bud you can trust, certainly more than you can trust any of our recent presidents.

This strain is bound to become a classic, combining the proto-classic of OG Kush that even amateur stoners recognize with the modern genetics and potency of Bubble Gum – there’s no doubt this is an OG strain.


The bud has medium-sized flowers that are often quite dense and leafy as we come to expect of most Kush. While it retains some of the dark green color of OG Kush, the sativa genetics of the Bubble Gum certainly have a lightening effect on the overall appearance of the Presidential OG flower.

The flower’s genetics do make it preferentially have hues of purple in certain grows and phenotypes. Moreover, the flower has those rust-colored hairs that are the sign of a great grower and good genetics. Each bud is blanketed in a beautiful coating of THC trichomes.


Perhaps one of the things this strain is most coveted for is its pungent smell. Many suggest the strain is one of the best examples of that piney smell you often get from marijuana. The Bubble gum genetics also bring a fruitier and citrusy note that you may be familiar with if you enjoy sativas too.

Properly cured cuts of Presidential OG can be particularly strong in their scent carrying this woodsy piney scent quite far. If you whack this out at a party make sure you have Air Force One to get you out of there quickly if needs be.



Kush being the dominating genetics here, get ready for a diesel fuelled journey to the top. Generally the genetic combination of sativa and indica often results in a great flavor. The diesley and woodsy notes of Kush often does well with the citrusy and lemony notes of sativa. 

Unlike the presidential arm of our government, Presidential OG is an example of how some different and opposite genetics can work together to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. When we work together, we get the best results.


Being a medical marijuana strain, the Presidential OG has some presidential powers for sure. Most THC content reports are in the range of 16% – 25% but certain reports of well-cultivated cases show a THC content of around 26% which is seriously strong.

As previously mentioned it seems the bud was mainly designed to treat insomnia in marijuana patients, so the strength is what  makes this such a medicine. In other words, the flower is often very strong as it aims to induce sleep as well as reduce stress.

The bud remains one that is perhaps best smoked at night when winding down, rather than used for a wake and bake situation. Those who are less well versed in the way of Mary Jane should exercise some caution by adapting their own dosage.

Medicinal Benefits

Again, those who suffer from insomnia can potentially get the most from this strain. However, many other smokers report that flowers are a great bud to get your creative juices going too.

In the same vein, this can be considered a potential relief for mental health sufferers. The Kush is generally reported to be uplifting and able to rid the worst blues.

Terpenes are plant compounds that provide the flower with aromatic and flavor notes. Terpenes also have some smaller medicinal benefits, Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Limonene all contribute to the flower’s medicinal properties, specifically its anti-inflammatory properties.

Growing Information

Seeds are sold for this strain by Royal Queen Seeds, this is mainly for veteran growers. We wouldn’t suggest this seed as a first-time grower for newcomers to the scene, it can be harder to grow than other strains.

If you do choose to grow, it grows best in a Mediterranean climate which can be achieved inside or out. Flowering happens within the first 8 to 9 weeks and can require a good drying and curing period for a quality yield.

Our Verdict

Our Verdict

We think that Presidential OG is great, we know who we’d vote for in an election. Marijuana has been used for millennia as an insomnia treatment, and while not always effective, this strain and others have proven particularly useful in the fight against sleep and pharmaceutical remedies.

Even for those who want a more recreational smoke this flower is great for increasing creativity, dealing with the blues, and also social anxiety. The effects can come on fast for a Kush which makes it great as a medicine. 

The bud is definitely one to save for bedtime smokers, whether that is to make your cuddles a little cosier, or to try to fall asleep – we wouldn’t recommend this as a getup and go morning smoke. This is one to save for when you have done what you need to. This bud can certainly Trump the opposition and is here to Make Sleep Great Again.

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