Purple Punch Strain

Cannabis is now one of the most widely used substances when it comes to finding natural remedies for lots of different ailments that affect our daily lives.

However, there are lots of different strains and each one has its own unique properties and effects.

This means that there is bound to be the perfect strain for you whether you are looking for a specific taste or certain benefits – there is a huge range of strains to choose from.

Here we are going to be looking at Purple Punch, a popular strain with lots of interesting qualities that just might make it your new favorite! 

So, let’s jump in and take a closer look at Purple Punch. 

Purple Punch Strain

The History Of Purple Punch

Purple Punch is an indica strain of cannabis that is a cross between two other hugely popular indica strains. 

Indicas are renowned for their relaxing properties, with some users wittingly saying  that indica will put you ‘in da couch’.

This, however, is not always true because some strains of indica cannabis are also great for lifting your mood. 

There are many popular indica strains but Granddaddy Purple is one of the best.

Hence why it is often crossed with other strains to make new ones that inherit most of its amazing features – and Purple Punch is one of those strains. 

To make Purple Punch, Granddaddy Purple was bred with Larry OG (also known as Lemon Larry or Sour Larry). Larry OG is a hybrid strain known for causing users to feel a relaxing buzz which helps ease body tensions.

It’s not as lethargic as Granddaddy Purple as it allows its users to go about their daily tasks without feeling slow or sleepy. 

The two strains have come together to make Purple Punch which is now one of the most used indica strains of cannabis in the world. 

Purple Punch Properties

This strain of cannabis is relatively high in THC with a percentage of 25%. It is also very low in CBD and has a percentage between 0% to 1%.

This helps make Purple Punch a very balanced cannabis strain, allowing it to lift and relax at the same time. 

As it is an indica strain, its ratio of indica to sativa is 80 to 20, meaning that it contains approximately four fifths indica and only one fifth of sativa.

This is where Purple Punch gets many of its more relaxing effects, which we will soon go into further detail about.

It is still technically a hybrid but its high dominance in indica firmly cements it as an indica strain in many people’s eyes. 

Purple Punch Effects And Benefits

The reason behind Purple Punch’s success and popularity are its many medical benefits. 

It is a very potent strain that allows its user to feel their muscles and aches melt away in mere moments. It’s very relaxing and great for those who suffer from joint pain and constant physical aching.

While not as lethargic as Granddaddy Purple, Purple Punch has been known to cause drowsiness with some users but also help others to focus while remaining relaxed.

It’s important to note that every strain of cannabis will affect each individual person differently so while some may find Purple Punch.

To be the best strain to use to stay relaxed while keeping busy, others may find that it causes sleepiness and sometimes dizziness too. 

However, Purple Punch is also used by a lot of people who suffer from anxiety and stress. As we already mentioned, Purple Punch is great for relaxing physically but it is also great for lifting the user’s mood and giving them a euphoric high. 

Although there are plenty of positive effects from using Purple Punch, it’s also important to make you aware of the negative effects you may also experience.

Many people who have used Purple Punch have mentioned that it can cause their eyes and mouth to feel very dry so if that is a side effect that you hate, then this might not be the strain for you. 

Flavor And Aroma

When it comes to aroma and flavor, Purple Punch is very unique and distinguishable. 

It smells a lot like grapes, symbolizing its close relation to Granddaddy Purple, a strain that is often linked to grapes.

Its strong aroma is very sweet and berry-like, reminding many users of things like pineapple and candied berries. 

As for flavor, Purple Punch tastes a lot like it smells. It’s very sweet and sugary with notes of grape and berry, which darkens over time to become more tart and smoky.

It reminds a lot of users of candies like Skittles, making it a great strain to use if you love sweet things. 

There’s not much earthiness here (unless you are breaking the buds up) so Purple Punch is definitely a favorite among those with a sweet tooth but generally avoided by those who prefer more earthy or nutty flavors. 

Growing Purple Punch

This strain is notorious for being difficult to grow, so if you want to try and grow your own Purple Punch, be prepared to give it a lot of care and attention. 

Purple Punch grows best in humid and sunny climates, like in the Mediterranean, so if you are an outside grower, find somewhere sunny to plant your Purple Punch. 

For indoor growing, you will definitely need to provide very high-powered lights and a strong heating system to keep the area bright and warm for your Purple Punch plants to thrive. 

Harvest time usually falls in October and it offers a pretty moderate to high yield, which makes it a strain worth trying to grow. It flowers usually 7 to 8 weeks after planting so expect a lot of yield in a relatively short period of time. 


Purple Punch is a very popular strain of cannabis and it’s really easy to see why. 

It’s very balanced, capable of lifting moods and relaxing aches at the same time, which often allows most users to go about their day with less anxiety and suffering. 

However, it does hit everyone differently so start out with small doses and build yourself up until you reach the high that you want. 

Purple Punch is also very sweet and fruity, making it popular for recreational use, and one of the best strains of cannabis out there in a lot of people’s opinion!

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