We have entered into a partnership with Royal Danish Cigars Ltd, to develop a luxury product line of cannabis and tobacco blended cigars, marketed under the label SwissCigars™.

This outstanding brand has been making waves across the pond. Royal Danish Cigars are universally highly-rated by industry publications and offer an outstanding flavor profile with unmatched production.

SwissCigars™ will produce 1% THC versions for local consumption and 0.2% THC cigars legal for export. The cannabis cigars will be hand rolled in Switzerland by Cuban master rollers and then decorated with 24 KT Swiss Gold and Swarovski.

Royal Danish Cigars flagship!

Smoking a piece of 200 years of Royal Danish history. The exclusive short torpedo QUEENS #1 with 24 karat Gold & Swarovski crystals.

There are not two identical 5" Torpedo QUEENS #1 Regal Blend cigars by Royal Danish Cigars. These cigars are based on the original 200-year old aristocratic formula from the period when the Danish West Indies (today US Virgin Islands) were part of the Kingdom of Denmark for 250 years and the King’s ships brought back tobacco from the Caribbean to the Royalty.

The cigar comes in an ultra-luxury version encrusted with Swarovski crystals and decorated with 24kt gold leaf graffiti. The production is limited to only 30 cigars per day due to the extensive and time-consuming cigar art work done by Jan von Vistisen, Cigarmaker & CEO of Royal Danish Cigars. Queens 1 Regal Blend comes with probably the most exclusive cigar gift in the world. The creators of the cigar offer a special designed 24kt gold plated sterling silver royal crown cigar-holder available for USD 3,000.

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