Orange Creamsicle Strain

Orange Creamsicle is not the name of a citrus flavored ice cream, believe it or not, but a delicious sativa dominant strain of Marijuana.

Orange Creamsicle Strain

This strain is easily identified by its bright orange foliage that is coated in a thick layer of resin. 

In this article, we will be telling you all the fruity facts you need to know about this unique strain of weed. 


This strain was developed by mixing together two other popular fruit themed plants. Orange Creamsicle is a hybrid cross between Orange Cush and Juicy Fruit, and as such contains elements of both plants in its overall make up. 

Although both of the parent strains contain medium concentrations of THC, their child has very high levels of this active ingredient. This is part of the reason Orange Creamsicle can have lots of medicinal benefits when used appropriately. 

Much like the two strains that were combined to make it, this genetic is psychoactive and offers a burst of fruity energy to anyone who smokes it. 


Many won’t feel the effects of this strain, immediately after smoking it, and it is definitely a bud that creeps up on you. As such, you should smoke it slowly and cautiously at first, so you don’t get overwhelmed when it finally hits.

After a few minutes, you will begin to feel a gently rising euphoria that will slowly become more energizing and psychoactive as it builds.

The high from this strain is very euphoric overall and will give you a lot of creative energy during its peak.

While this bud helps with freeing your thoughts, its cerebral effects are less present than in other strains. You will still be able to hold conversations and carry out tasks while high, especially if you are a seasoned smoker.

As the effects wane, the indica elements start to take over. Feelings of immense calm and muscle relaxation are very common for users as they start to come down.  

Taste And Smell 

The smell of this strain is very strong and pungent, much like an actual Creamsicle. Its aroma is filled with tropical scents of sweet oranges and mangos, with after notes of vanilla when the buds are crushed or burnt 

When smoked, the taste is very similar to the smell, with a vanilla and citrus flavor that lingers on the tongue long after you take a drag.

After each exhale, you will be left with a creamy, orange flavor that makes this a strain very deserving of its name. 

These flavors and scents are due in part to the terpenes present in this plant, of which the dominant one is Myrcene.

This gives the bud a herbal flavor, which becomes more citrus-oriented when coupled with the high amounts of Limonene. 


The buds from this strain are conical with large fat bases that taper off to pointed tips. As you get closer to the bud, the smaller leaves are moss green and often covered in bright orange pistils. 

From a distance, this plant has a silvery appearance due to the presence of white trichomes across the buds and the thick layer of resin that rests on top of mature specimens. 

Information For Growers

Since this plant is sativa dominant, you can expect it to grow very tall, which means you will need a suitably high roof on your growth tent to cultivate this strain.

This plant enjoys warmer climates, such as those around the equator and Mediterranean regions.

One way to manage the height of Orange Creamsicle is to top it early or shorten the vegetative period. Failing to do this may cause the plant to take up space fast.

Orange Creamsicle Strain

If your plants become cramped, then you will experience several issues due to the lack of air and light circulation, including mold.  

When exposed to constant sunlight, this plant will flower fast and produce a high yield of anywhere between 12 and 16 ounces per square meter. Once this plant starts flowering, you can expect it to take up to 9 weeks for it to reach full maturity. 

THC And CBD Content 

On average, the buds from this plant can contain anywhere between 15 and 19% THC. However, when grown in optimal conditions the mature buds can contain up to 23% which explains their energizing and highly psychoactive effect. 

CBD concentration is almost non-existent and has never been found to be above 1% in most laboratory tests. 

Medicinal Applications

When taken in moderation, Orange Creamsicle can have many beneficial effects due to its potent concentration of THC.

Some users have reported that this strain helps to alleviate mental conditions including anxiety, depression as well as high stress. 

However, the number of people who experienced these effects isn’t in the majority and there are many others, better strains for handling these conditions. 

Overall, Orange Creamsicle is much better suited for recreation, but that doesn’t mean some people won’t be able to enjoy medicinal benefits from it. 

Potential Side Effects

As with any strain of weed, this plant can have some negative side effects if smoked in excess or taken by those who are unprepared.

Headaches, anxiety and paranoia, are all possible side effects you could experience when smoking Orange Creamsicle.

As such, it is always best to take this plant in moderation and wait to experience the effects before having more.

If you do experience any of the above effects, then you should stop smoking immediately and seek medical attention if they get out of control. 


Orange Creamsicle is a very popular strain, and its euphoric effects make it easy to see why. It definitely isn’t an easy plant to grow due to its height, but if you do succeed in taming it, then you will reap a handsome reward indeed. 

While the buds are potent, they are also subtle enough that you can still work while high on this strain, which makes it a great choice for creatively minded individuals.

So why not give your next high a fruity punch by adding a pinch of Orange Creamsicle to your pipe or bong.

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