Nightmare Cookies Strain

A lot of people turn to cannabis for many different reasons. Some use it recreationally, others search for a specific effect that can help alleviate the symptoms of some of their medical ailments like chronic pain or anxiety. 

Because there are many different varieties of cannabis, there are different strains that boast different effects that can benefit individuals in their own unique ways. One such strain is Nightmare Cookies but don’t let the name scare you! It’s actually a really popular strain of cannabis used by many people – but why?

If you want to learn more about Nightmare Cookies before you try it for yourself, then check out all the information you need below! 

Nightmare Cookies Strain

The History Of Nightmare Cookies

Nightmare Cookies is a hybrid strain of cannabis that was originally bred by Sin City Seeds, a cultivation company with two decades of experience handling cannabis and its varieties. They are one of the most respected cannabis breeders in the world and Nightmare Cookies is one of their prized strains. 

This strain is a cross between two popular cannabis strains White Nightmare and Girl Scout Cookies, hence the name Nightmare Cookies. 

Girl Scout Cookies (often shortened to just GSC) is an indica-dominant strain of cannabis known for its potency. It’s a strain that will produce a strong euphoric high along with a sense of relaxation that will calm you from your toes to the top of your head. 

Meanwhile, White Nightmare boasts similar effects that a lot of people claim to be energizing, euphoric and even sometimes arousing. So, it makes sense to try and bring these two very similar strains together to create a new yet closely related strain that features the best effects of both. 

Sin City Seeds brought these two well-known strains together and crossed them to create Nightmare Cookies, which has inherited a lot of its properties from its parents while also mixing things up with a few unique traits of its own.

The Properties Of Nightmare Cookies 

Nightmare Cookies is considered by many to be a very moderate strain with a high THC percentage of 24% on average. This strain also has low CBD at 0%, making it pretty balanced when it comes to the two main effects it provides for its high. 

It’s also pretty balanced when it comes to its sativa to indica ratio, as it is 60% sativa and 40% indica. While this is more balanced than some other strains, Nightmare Cookies does lean more towards the sativa-dominant classification.

This means that Nightmare Cookies is a great strain for giving you an uplifting high, although it still features plenty of effects to balance that high out. 

Nightmare Cookies Effects And Benefits

Due to its impressive heritage, Nightmare Cookies boasts two main effects that make it a favorite strain for a lot of people. 

Nightmare Cookies is renowned for being a ‘couch locker’ meaning that it will leave you stuck on the couch, completely relaxed and unable to move. This may be frightening to some people and so, it’s not to everyone’s taste. 

However, this kind of relaxation makes it super easy to de-stress and relieve anxieties. Because of its couch-locking effect, many people use Nightmare Cookies during the night before going to sleep so they can drift off to sleep easily. 

But that is not all Nightmare Cookies is capable of. It’s also great for providing a euphoric high, increasing happiness and helping those who suffer from depression feel a little relief from their symptoms.

Its euphoric high is incredibly potent and uplifting, helping those who struggle with low moods and negative thoughts have a break. 

So, Nightmare Cookies is very relaxing and has great sedation but it also comes with a few negative effects that can drag your experience down.

Paranoia, dizziness, and even headaches are all side effects reported by those who have tried Nightmare Cookies so it’s important to start off with a low dosage to help prevent you from experiencing these negativities too. 

Nightmare Cookies Flavor And Aroma

Nightmare Cookies Flavor And Aroma

Nightmare Cookies has a unique flavor and aroma that has been handed down to it from its parent strains. 

From Girl Scout Cookies, Nightmare Cookies have inherited a very sweet flavor that is akin to their namesake. This sweetness is also seen in its aroma, but here is where the other parent of Nightmare Cookies, White Nightmare, shows itself. 

White Nightmare has a very berry, floral scent and a more earthy flavor when consumed. Parts of this can be seen in Nightmare Cookies, which also has a very floral, earthy scent that is similar to pine. 

So, Nightmare Cookies combines all the sugary goodness of Girl Scout Cookies with the down to earth floral aroma of White Nightmare to create a very light and bright strain of cannabis. Nightmare Cookies is loved for its gentle aroma and strong yet sweet flavor. 

This makes it a great favorite of lots of different people, even those who usually avoid extremely sweet strains of cannabis. So, if you like sweet and earthy flavors in your cannabis, Nightmare Cookies is definitely one to try out. 

Growing Nightmare Cookies

Growing Nightmare Cookies

Nightmare Cookies are very easy to grow at home and offer a fairly generous yield. It thrives best in warm and sunny climates so make sure that you have some very powerful lights at hand. 

It takes just seven to nine weeks to fully flower and offers a yield of one or two ounces per plant. However, when grown outdoors, this amount increases drastically to fifteen to twenty ounces per plant – so if you are able to grow this strain outdoors, it will definitely be worth your while! 


Nightmare Cookies is a popular strain of cannabis and one that many people would recommend you try out. 

It’s great for evening and night use when you need to wind down and need a lift after a long, tough day. Although many will not like how it locks you to your couch, others will find this extremely relaxing and helpful for battling insomnia. 

Nightmare Cookies is also great for uplifting your mood and combating symptoms of depression and anxiety, allowing you to alleviate yourself for a while and just relax.

So, if this sounds like the strain for you, give it a try!

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