Lime OG Strain

Lime OG, otherwise known as ‘Lime Kush’, is a wonderfully balanced hybrid strain. It is usually 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, giving it a wide range of effects and medicinal benefits.  

Lime OG Strain

The buds look fantastic and the taste and aromas are quite incredible. A strain with a mysterious and disputed past, it has a packed and heavyweight genetic lineage, coming from the iconic OG Kush family. 

Read on to learn all about its history, profile, medical benefits, and growing information. 

Strain History  


A delicately balanced Hybrid strain with a stellar genetic lineage. There is some debate still about the original genetics of this strain, but the current incarnation is made by crossing Lime Skunk with Triple OG.

This gives it quite the lineage that’s stocked with some seriously high-quality strains. 

Lime Skunk is a mixture of DNA Genetic’s Lemon Sunk and Exotic Genetix’s Green Ribbon BX, cultivated by Cresco Labs. Tripple OG is made from a complicated cross-pollination of Green Crack, Trainwreck, Afghanica, and White Rhino.


Amongst marijuana aficionados, the word is the original incarnation of Lime OG was a mixture between OG Kush and Lime Skunk, though there’s no way to know for certain. 

The current variation that is revered and increasingly popular is cultivated by Exotic Gentix, a specialist company from the US that seeks to push the boundaries of cannabis cultivation.

Exotic Genetix creates Lime OG by crossing Lime Skunk with Triple OG. 

The other strain used by Exotic Genetix, Triple OG, is an Indica dominant hybrid that boasts a sweet and sour lemon taste.

It also has a pretty potent THC content (up to 25%), and its initial euphoric high is soon counteracted by a sleepy, sedative-like state that makes it great for users struggling with insomnia or physical pain. 

Strain Profile 

Strain Appearance  

Lime OG is stunning to look at, mixing forest green buds with vibrant and dazzling orange and amber pistils. The buds are also covered in a plentiful layer of sticky resinous white trichomes, a sign of the bud’s loaded terpene profile.

The buds are a little smaller than many other hybrid strains, with some of them being a unique heart shape. 

Strain Flavor  

Limes are famous for their sharp, zesty, and lively flavor, and this strain is no different. The strong citrus flavor hits instantly, with lime and citrus fruits tingling the tongue.

This is offset by a spicy undertone of herb and a dash of mountain pine. This creates a delicately balanced taste between sweet and sour that never disappoints. 

Strain Aroma  

Lime OG packs a potent and pungent aroma straight out of the bag. OG Kush enthusiasts will instantly recognize the earthy skunk aroma that dances with the punchy fresh lime citrus.

The lime citrus is powerful, and it cuts through the dense, earthy, OG aromatics to create a spectacular smelling bud. 

Strain Cannabinoids  

Lime OG typically has a THC count of between 18 – 22%, making it quite potent and a hard hitter, especially for those with a lower tolerance.

It also has a trace amount of both CBD (0.53-0.9%) and CBG (0.22-1.28%). These are both sought-after cannabinoids from medicinal marijuana users, as they have a number of useful medicinal benefits.

Strain Terpenes  

Limonene provides antibacterial and antimicrobial effects, as well as a punchy and zesty citrus aroma. It’s known to promote weight loss, work as an antitumor, and treat respiratory issues such as bronchitis.

It is also believed to boost serotonin production, the happy chemical that’s so important for helping us improve our mood. 

Caryophyllene can directly activate cannabinoid receptors in the brain, making it a rather unique terpene.

It works as a treatment for both physical and mental medical issues, with it being used in the treatment of anxiety, chronic pain, and fatigue. 

Myrcene has strong anti-inflammatory and sedative effects that allow it to treat a number of chronic pain and sleep-related issues, such as insomnia. It also adds to the earthiness of the OG aromatics.

Strain Effects & Side Effects  

Despite the high THC count, many users feel an energetic and uplifting boost when they take a hit on Lime OG. A sense of euphoria, happiness, and deep relaxation flows through the body, and users report finding clarity amongst the ramblings of the mind.

Strain Effects & Side Effects  

In small doses, this is a fantastic strain for focusing on creative tasks and engaging in a motivated state of mind. 

Due to the high THC count, it can be overwhelming for inexperienced smokers, meaning that they could feel a little sedated by consumption.

Some reported feelings of paranoia, dizziness, headaches, and anxiety, which can be common side effects of strains with powerful levels of THC. Keep hydrated throughout to keep the dizziness and headaches away. 

Medical Benefits  

As a powerful hybrid strain, Lime OG brings the best of both Indica and Sativa when it comes to treating both physical and mental health issues.

It has a loaded terpene profile that lends itself to aiding all manner of conditions. 

Those with chronic pain, joint or muscle problems can find great relief with Lime OG thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the bud.

The uplifting effects of small doses can also alleviate the discomfort associated with nausea and headaches, allowing users to continue with their day and manage their pain threshold. 

For those struggling with appetite issues, Lime OG can help return the desire to eat and make food seem appealing again. 

Those struggling with mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, or chronic stress-related issues, may also find great relief with this strain.

The uplifting and focused high allows users to overcome mental blocks and brain drain to enthusiastically engage with the task at hand. 

Strain Grow Info

Lime OG can be grown both indoors and outdoors, though those aiming to do so outdoors are advised to grow in drier climates.

Too much humidity can be a disaster for these densely packed buds. Growing indoors, farmers can expect the plant to grow up to 6 feet, whilst outdoors they can grow over a staggering 7 feet. 

Strain Seeds 

Unfortunately, Exotics Genetics has currently ‘retired’ the selling of Lime OG seeds. 

Strain Flowering Time  

Typically, growers can expect a flowering time of around 8 – 9 weeks and those growing outdoors should look to harvest around the middle of October. 

Strain Yield 

Cultivating Lime OG indoors, you can expect a healthy yield of around 18 ounces per square meter. Outdoor growing will see a hefty 19 ounces per plant. 

Strain Review  

Lime OG is a sensational strain, a strain that pays homage to OG Kush, one of the great lineages in marijuana.

It displays many of the physical and chemical properties one might expect from such a family tree, yet it also remains uniquely alluring. 

The combination of fresh and zesty citrus, with earthy and spiced undertones, is a delightfully smooth smoking sensation.

Lime OG has one of the more diverse terpene profiles, making it a great option for treating all kinds of issues.

A fantastic choice if you sometimes struggle to overcome the cloudiness of a morning start, as the focus and clarity can be a real motivation boost.  

Lime OG is a magnificent strain that is sure to appeal to most consumers, a brilliantly balanced blend that couldn’t be more highly recommended.

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