Lemongrass Strain

Lemongrass strain is a spectacular strain that comes out of Northern California and is also commonly known as Lemon Grass or Lemon Gas.

Lemongrass Strain

It is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is roughly 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. A mesmerizing cross between Lemon Kush and Humboldt Gelato, it’s a strain packed with flavor, sensations, and a deeply rich genetic lineage.

This strain looks as good as it tastes, and it’s loaded with medicinal benefits.

Read on to learn all about its history, profile, and growing information. 

Strain History  


Lemongrass ‘comes from good stock’ as they say, as it has a diverse, rich, and seriously heavyweight lineage. As well as its parent strains being Lemon Kush and Humboldt Gelato, on each side of its family tree there are some serious classics.

On one side we can find Hindu Kush, Hindu Skunk, and Master Kush.  On the other, OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Sunset Sherbet.

Holy moly! It’s no wonder that Lemongrass is so adored by casual fans and marijuana connoisseurs worldwide. 


The team at Humboldt Seed Company are the ones to thank for creating this fantastic strain. The company is based in the revered and now infamous Emerald Triangle region of Northern California, home to many classic and emerging strains.

They crossed their 3rd generation Humboldt Gelato with their 5th generation Lemon Kush strain to create this wonderful new bud. 

Strain Profile 

Strain Appearance  

Truly a sight to behold, these densely packed buds are a mixture of lime green, light olive green, and dark olive green. The buds are covered with lively, vivid orange pistils and absolutely coated in sparkling white-gold trichomes.

Strain Flavor  

Lemongrass tastes simply delicious and when toked it goes down smooth. It has a powerful lemon flavor that is sour, tart, and tangy on the tongue. There are hints of diesel, and tingling sage and vanilla work their way through your mouth and into your nose. 

Strain Aroma  

As well as tasting wonderful, Lemongrass gives off an alluring and desirable aroma. The lemon remains potent on the nostrils, and there is a muskiness and earthiness of the sage and diesel. This is complemented by the lighter and sweeter vanilla notes. 

Strain Cannabinoids  

The THC content of the Lemongrass strain typically ranges between 17% and 20%, though some testing has found a mighty 24%.

There are only trace levels of CBD and CBG, though medicinal users have said the effects would imply much higher levels of these. 

Strain Terpenes  

Myrcene is the dominant terpene in Lemongrass, and it can be found in nature in lemongrass and thyme, whilst it brings earthy aromas to the nose. Myrcene has strong sedative effects and impressive muscle-relaxant capabilities. 

Caryophyllene brings the rich aromatics of cinnamon and cloves and is a great aid in the treatment of both physical and mental discomfort, being used in the treatment of anxiety, chronic pain, and fatigue. 

Limonene has strong citrus aromas of lemons whilst providing antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. It’s known to promote weight loss, prevent and treat cancer, and treat bronchitis.

It is also believed to improve serotonin production, improving general mood and state of mind.  

Strain Side Effects  

Due to the strong sedative effects, users should be cautious and know their own tolerance level.  Overuse of this strain could send you into a deep sleep that’s hard to wake from.

Many users also got a case of ‘the munchies’, meaning they had serious food cravings that couldn’t be satisfied.

Others have reported having dry eyes after smoking Lemongrass, and there is a minute number of users who reported some issues with panic attacks.

Again, this is down to knowing one’s own tolerance level before consuming.

Lemongrass Strain

Medical Benefits  

A popular choice amongst medicinal marijuana users, this strain is used by many for treating a whole range of different health issues. Thanks to its impressive muscle-relaxant and pain-killing abilities, it can be used to treat physical stress and tension.

Chronic pain, chronic fatigue, spasms, and migraines can all be relieved when Lemongrass is consumed. It is also a strain widely used by those suffering from anxiety and chronic depression, as it works wonders as a mood lifter and stabilizer.

There is also wide use amongst suffers with ADD and ADHD, again thanks to its ability to work miracles in creating a calm and balanced state of mind and mood. 

Strain Review  

Lemongrass is undoubtedly an absolute champion of marijuana strains. It’s no surprise that it continues to soar in popularity and reputation across the globe.

The strain’s rich genetic lineage plays host to some of the most well-known strains to ever have existed. 

Beautiful to look at with the greens, oranges, and crystal whites, it’s almost hypnotic. Tangy and sour lemon flavors dance beautifully in sensory delight with the sage, diesel, and vanilla notes.

A strain with excellent energizing and euphoric properties, allowing users to find a calm yet focused creative state of mind. Fuel your imagination before creative endeavors and help maintain a balanced mood with this fantastic strain.

Lemongrass also provides a whole heap of medicinal benefits to those who suffer from either/ or physical discomfort or mental health challenges. 

This strain is highly recommended and worked wonders in putting me in a relaxed, comfortable, and focused state of being. 

Strain Grow Info  

Regarded as quite an easy strain to grow, Lemongrass can be grown either indoors or outdoors. It can be expected to yield impressive results in both instances and will grow to between 5 and 6 feet. 

Strain Seeds  

Lemongrass seeds can be picked up from most reputable online retailers and dispensaries. We advise you to always ensure you consider the marijuana laws in your state or locality to ensure you are not breaking the law by purchasing these online. 

Strain Flowering Time  

Lemongrass can be expected to flower between 62 and 69 days after planting, with it ready to harvest after around 73 days. 

Strain Yield 

Those growing Lemongrass indoors can expect between a half ounce and an ounce per square foot.  Those that wish to grow it outdoors, can expect a yield of around 10-15 ounces per plant. 


Now that you know everything there is to know about lemongrass strain, you’ll be able to decide whether it is the best choice for you.

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