Lava Cake Strain

Cannabis has grown a lot in popularity over the years as more and more people have discovered its medicinal benefits. 

Cannabis is a strange plant that comes in lots of different varieties called ‘strains’ and each one has its own unique properties.

This means that those looking for a natural remedy for their ailments are in luck because each strain of cannabis has its own advantages that can help a person deal with issues like chronic pain and anxiety. 

One such strain is called Lava Cake and here, we are going to take a deeper dive into this strain to learn more about it.

We are going to be covering its history, properties, and effects so you can find out if this strain is one you would like to try out. 

So, let’s go! 

Lava Cake Strain

The History Of Lava Cake

Lava Cake is a hybrid strain of cannabis born from crossing two other strains together. These two strains are Thin Mint and Grape Pie.

Thin Mint is another hybrid strain that is high in THC and low in CBD, meaning that it provides an uplifting high and a very sharp, minty aroma.

Grape Pie is also another hybrid strain that allows those who use it to feel euphoric for a while until the come down hits and you end up feeling very relaxed and lethargic. 

These two strains are well known for helping those who suffer from anxiety and depression feel happier and calmer, so they go hand in hand together very well.

So, growers at Emerald Family Farms in California thought it would only be natural to cross the two together to make another strain of cannabis with similar useful properties – and so Lava Cake was born! 

The Properties Of Lava Cake

As one of the most powerful indica hybrid strains of cannabis, Lava Cake boasts a relatively high THC count.

Its percentage sits on average around 22%, making it a great choice for cannabis users who have built up a tolerance over the years and need a strain with a high THC percentage for them to feel the strain’s effects. 

This high THC percentage is balanced out with a very low CBG percentage, which often clocks in at 1% or below.

This allows Lava Cake to sit more towards the ‘calming’ end of the scale along with other indica strains. Its ratio of indica to sativa is around 70 to 30, cementing its place as an indica-leaning hybrid. 

Effects And Benefits

Being such a powerful indica heavy cannabis strain means that Lava Cake can provide some seriously deep and relaxing effects that you can feel working in minutes. 

Many people who try out Lava Cake describe a tingly sensation that can help ease the symptoms of chronic pain, while it also helps relax your mind from stress and worries.

Those who suffer from ailments like anxiety or depression often reach for this strain of cannabis due to its relaxing effects. 

This also means that Lava Cake is also a great strain for those who suffer from insomnia as many report feeling lethargic and sleepy, especially during the come down.

Lava Cake probably inherited this effect from its Grape Pie ancestor, but this effect can be seen as both a benefit and a negative. 

While some people may love Lava Cake for giving them a lazy but happy high, others may prefer a strain that allows them to remain alert and focused so they can get off the couch and get some work done. 

So, Lava Cake’s ability to induce such a heavy, relaxing high makes it a great choice for those who want a lazy day to kick back and chill.

Its properties also make it a great choice for those who suffer from ailments like pain and anxieties but its sleepy effect may not make it ideal for everyone. 

It’s also worth noting that other side effects of Lava Cake is that it can bring on a serious case of the munchies.

It can also cause dry eyes, headaches, and sometimes even paranoia so it’s best to try this strain out in small amounts first and work your way up to a higher dosage. 

Flavor And Aroma

Lava Cake is born from two very sweet strains of cannabis, so it comes as no surprise that it’s also said to be very sugary and sweet in both flavor and aroma. 

A lot of people say Lava Cake reminds them of a bakery due to its very sweet scent that is reminiscent of dough and cakes. Some also claim that Lava Cake also has a more peppery scent that grounds the aroma to the earth. 

However, Lava Cake only gets sweeter once you taste it as many say it reminds them of chocolate and vanilla.

Another common note associated with Lava Cake is mint, which is no surprise considering that it is related to the Thin Mint strain which is well known for its minty aroma and flavor. 

So, Lava Cake is definitely a strain for those who have a serious sweet tooth and want their cannabis to taste and smell cakey. 

Growing Lava Cake

Unfortunately, Lava Cake is a pretty rare strain so not many growers have had much experience growing this strain of cannabis. 

Its indica genes means that it is a very bushy plant that loves a lot of sunlight, so this means that you should either plant your Lava Cake plant outside.

In a spot that gets a lot of sun or keep it indoors and make sure you own some pretty powerful lights. Apparently, light exposure is the key to a happy and healthy Lava Cake plant.

Lava Cake plants grown indoors typically have a nine-week harvest period. They offer up high yielders between ten and sixteen ounces per square meter, so it’s definitely a strain worth growing.

If you are thinking about planting your cannabis outside for an even higher yield between fourteen and eighteen ounces, then expect your Lava Cake to flower and be ready to harvest in early October. 


Lava Cake is a very potent, very relaxing strain of cannabis. 

It’s very balanced but also leaves a lot of its users stuck on the couch, making it ideal for lazy days when you plan on not doing much.

However, it also features many beneficial effects that help out those suffering from worries, stress and pain. 

So, Lava Cake is a pretty popular strain that is unfortunately held back by its rarity. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some of this stuff, then treasure its sweetness and enjoy that deep relaxing high it provides.

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