How To Use Raw Rolling Machine

It can sometimes be a real annoyance to roll a joint when you aren’t able to do it properly. All of your friends can roll up great ones, but you struggle, and you’ve become a laughingstock.

You want to take the edge off at home, but you can’t because your rolling skills are horrendous. Luckily, Raw made a machine that can help people like you out. This handy machine can do all the hard work for you, while you simply load it up and reap the benefits. 

The fact is though, if you’ve not used one of these before, you might not know or understand how they work. Luckily, we’ve compiled a handy guide to give you all the information that you need. 

How To Use Raw Rolling Machine

So, chill out and grab a seat as we show you the easy way to roll a J – here’s how you use a Raw rolling machine. 

Wait – What’s A Rolling Machine?

It’s no surprise that some people aren’t aware of what these machines are. People who have smoked for years and mastered the art of rolling will never be seen with a rolling machine – at least not in public. 

But there are people that need to use this machine to start them off with their rolling skills, or maybe they’re physically unable to roll with their hands.

At its most basic, this machine is a small, pocket-sized item that allows you to pack it with the ingredients of your cigarette or joint, and it will do the rolling part of the process for you. This part is probably the most difficult part for learners of the art, and this machine quickly does it for you. 

Essentially, the machine has two plastic rollers with a leather or rubber belt. You push down the belt, fill the pocket, roll it up and place your papers in. Continue rolling, lick the top and finish the roll. 

We know this may sound much more simple than you’re finding it, so we’ll break these stages down for you in more detail, later in this guide.

Who Might Need A Rolling Machine?

These machines are ideal for learners or beginners to rolling, people who have medical issues with their hands or eyes and people with conditions like Parkinson’s disease. 

Do These Machines Save Time?

To the experienced roller who is rolling a basic joint? No. At least, not by much anyway. Machines can take a little more time if you’re fiddling with the rubber belt or if something goes wrong.

However, it will almost always be quicker for beginners. 

How Do You Use This Machine?

How Do You Use This Machine?

Before you begin, you will need:

  • A Raw rolling machine 
  • Raw papers or other rolling papers 
  • Marijuana 
  • Tobacco 
  • Roach 

Step One: Load The Machine 

Now that you’ve got everything you need, you have to start by opening the rollers and flattening the belt down. Once you have that flat, put your roach on the far right or far left-hand side. If you’re right-handed, it’s normally easier to do this on the right-hand side and vice versa. 

With the remaining space, place your ground up marijuana and tobacco on the roller belt, so it resembles what a joint would look like before rolling. 

Note: If you’re hoping to roll a blunt, you will need to use blunt papers and no tobacco.

Now you are ready to continue. 

Step Two: Roll, Roll, Roll A Joint 

This is the easiest part of the rolling process. Close the rollers together and hold them together with your index finger and thumb from both hands. 

Slowly rotate the rollers towards you about 3 or 4 times to ensure the mix is totally rolled up on the inside. When you’re rolling, try to keep your fingers tight to the machine so that the ingredients roll properly and the rollers do not come apart. 

Now comes the tricky part. 

Step Three: Raw Rolling Papers 

You now need to place a rolling paper vertically into the center of the rolling machine. Do not open the machine to do this.

Ensure that the gum or “sticky side” is facing you and is on the top. Now, slowly rotate the rollers with the bottom part of the rolling paper inside. 

If you have done this correctly, you’ll start to see the paper going down. If this is happening, keep going until the gum or sticky part is the only thing you can see. 

Next, lick the gum and keep rolling. When you cannot see the paper anymore, do one full rotation and then push the rollers apart from the bottom. 

You should now have a joint that looks like a very long hand-rolled cigarette. 

Step Four: Finishing Touches 

Before you get to smoking, you’ll need to carefully lift the joint from the open side face up (this is the side you will light). 

Inspect the joint for any issues. If there are none, carefully poke down any loose mix from the top and pinch together the loose paper. 

Roll this excess paper into a very thin sausage shape. You will notice you now have a completely normal-looking joint. 

Step Five: Smoke It Up!

Step Five: Smoke It Up!

Cut off, bite off or simply burn off the end of the joint where the excess paper is. If you want to be sure you don’t lose any weed or tobacco, burning is the better option. 

Once that is gone, simply light your joint as normal and enjoy! (Snacks and a comedy movie are a good idea too!). 

What If It Didn’t Work?

If your machine did not produce a perfectly looking joint, that could be due to the following reasons:

  • The rollers opened midway through the process
  • You did not include enough weed and tobacco
  • The roach is too big, too small or not right 
  • Your machine is faulty 

The Bottom Line 

There’s nothing wrong with using one of these tools if you want a little help with your joint making and for some people it’s essential! Ensure you follow these steps to make the perfect joint every time!

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