Doc OG Strain

Doc OG is an award-winning Marijuana strain brought to use by the Rare Dankness Seed Bank. 

It is a cross between two other famously potent strains, both of which have been combined to produce a smooth and calming bud that tastes mildly of fuel.

The effects of this strain aren’t particularly psychoactive, but it can help to induce a state of deep relaxation that is great for those dealing with mental health conditions or chronic pain. 

In this article, we will provide a full breakdown of Doc OG and what you can expect when smoking it. 

Doc OG Strain


This strain is a hybrid of Face Off OG and Rare Dankness with elements of both plants present in their flavors and effects. 

From the Face Off it takes its slightly diesely taste and from the Rare Dankness, it inherits a soothing, calming edge that is accomplished with a relatively low concentration of CBD. 

As such, Doc OG combines the best of both worlds and it is worth trying for fans of either parent strain. 


This is a very mild and relaxing strain in general, although smokers should be cautious as its effects can slowly build up over time.

Its high THC content makes this quite a psychoactive plant that produces immense feelings of euphoria.

Some may find that this strain makes their thoughts seem distant and hazy, which is very relaxing, but not great if you want to converse with friends or do things while high.

As the effects intensify, you may start to feel sleepy and desperate to lie down.

The upside to this is that this is a great strain for watching a movie or sitting back and listening to music.

It can also be useful for those struggling with insomnia, as you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep after smoking a pipe of Doc OG. 

Taste And Smell

Smoking this strain gives off a sweet smell that is vaguely reminiscent of diesel. It also has faint herbal and flowery notes that make it very pleasant to inhale. 

The taste is very similar to the smell, with a predominant flavor of fuel mixed with flowers and herbs.

This flavor lingers for a long time after you exhale, and while Doc OG doesn’t have the best taste, it more than makes up for it with its effects. 

The taste and smell are caused partly by the terpenes present in this plant. The most dominant terpene is myrcene which is combined with reasonably high concentrations of caryophyllene and limonene.


When fully mature, Doc OG produces dense, sticky nuggets that are dark green-brown. The buds are covered in densely packed trichomes which when coupled with the thick layer of oil give them a frosted appearance. 

The olive-green leaves are broken up with lots of bright yellow pistils, which are one of the most distinctive features of this strain. All of the buds are clearly defined, which gives the plant an overall lumpy appearance. 

Information For Growers 

This plant is an Indica dominant strain, and therefore it is shorter than many of its Sativa counterparts.

Small to medium-sized plants are great for indoor growth since you won’t have to worry about the height of your tent being too short for your plants. 

Don’t let its height fool you, though, when grown in the right conditions, Doc OG can produce a lot of mass very quickly.

Once it starts flowering, it takes between 49 and 63 days for the budding mass to start reaching its full potential. 

The larger specimens of this plant can easily produce up to 5 ounces per square meter. In terms of difficulty, this is one of the easier plants to grow.

It is great for indoor growers since many of the plants won’t reach over 3ft tall, which means you won’t have to worry as much about overcrowding, or the plants growing too close to your lights. 

THC And CBD Content 

Doc OG contains no CBD, which is one of the reasons for its highly psychoactive effects. As such, this strain is very high in THC and can contain as much as 28% when grown properly and allowed to reach full maturity. 

Its potency is one of the things that makes Doc OG a good plant for medicinal purposes. The high THC content is great for alleviating pain or stress and will leave most users feeling very happy after a few puffs. 

Medicinal Benefits 

When it comes to the benefits that you can receive from this strain, it is important to preface this section by saying that not everyone will have the same response when it comes to using Marijuana. 

That’s said up to 30% of users reported positive effects from this strain that help them deal with pre-existing medical conditions.

While this percentage isn’t an overwhelming majority, it is certainly better than some other genetics. 

Many smokers reported this strain as helping them with chronic anxiety, loss of appetite or more serious eating disorders, and chronic pain.

If you suffer from any of these ailments, then Doc OG isn’t guaranteed to cure them, but it could certainly help. 

When using marijuana for medicinal purposes, always take it in controlled doses and stop if you start to notice any severe side effects.  

Potential Negative Side Effects

Speaking of side effects, there are a few negative properties related to this strain, although thankfully no major ones. 

Most of the people who have smoked it didn’t suffer from headaches or increased anxiety, which are common side effects often associated with weed. 

However, Doc OG does seem to tend to cause dry eyes and throats. This can be quite unpleasant to experience, but it is easily solved by drinking plenty of water. 

As such, if you want to have the best experience with this strain, make sure that your water bottle is close to hand. 


Doc OG is a relaxing strain that is great for anybody who doesn’t want to do more than listen to music or watch a film. It isn’t the best bud for working on creative projects, as you may start to feel sluggish as the high progresses. 

You can also expect to have a bad case of munchies when smoking Doc OG, so make sure you have some snacks ready as well as a water bottle for dealing with the dry throat. 

Provided you are properly prepared, you are sure to find that this strain is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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