Do Edible Gummies Expire?

If you are someone who enjoys marijuana, then it is likely that you have heard of edible gummies. Whilst many have already experienced the edible gummy, not all of us know much about it.

Do Edible Gummies Expire

Because of this, we will be answering some basic questions about the product, specifically questioning whether edible gummies can expire.

What Are Edible Gummies?

Edible gummies are a food product infused with cannabis. These gummies contain THC, allowing for a euphoric response similar to smoking the substance.

When it comes to consuming these edibles, it is important to know how much to take. 

Although these gummies may look like your usual candy, do not be fooled. Edibles are very powerful so it is important that you pace yourself.

On average, the standard dose of an edible is 10mg of THC but if you are new to this then it is recommended to stick to a dose which is less than 5mg. 

By starting off slow and steady, you will be able to test out how you feel, the way the edible is affecting you, and not risk taking too much to handle.

Edibles vs Smoking

Generally, you will find that people enjoy smoking and only really eat edibles as a treat/something fun and different to experience.

However, it should be known that you will not have the same euphoric high you do with smoking.

When we smoke cannabis, we are inhaling smoke, therefore sending molecules to our lungs. On the other hand, with edibles we are not affecting our lungs at all.

What we consume converts THC to the liver which, in turn, creates a much stronger effect. 

Because of this, edibles can be 10 times more psychoactive, leading to greater and more powerful results. You may be a regular smoker, but you should still get yourself ready to try an edible.

Be wary that edibles are not the same as smoking.

Do Edible Gummies Expire?

Just like any other food product, edible gummies can expire. Luckily, it takes a long time for the edible to get to this stage.

You will find that edibles can last as long as 6 months, still producing that same high upon consumption, but this all depends on the type of edible (cookie, brownie, gummy) and the shelf life.

When stored well, edibles can last as short as 3 months. With something like a cookie, however, this can easily turn stale, therefore lasting no longer than a week.

Storing Your Edible Gummies

Storing Your Edible Gummies

If you want your edibles to last then it is important to know how to store them. When stored correctly, you will see your edibles lasting for months as well as still being rich in THC.

As edibles expire, so does the THC – this means that you will not get the same effects as you would with a fresh edible.

To preserve your edible gummies and make them last, simply follow these instructions below:

Keep Away From Sunlight

This first step is very important as it is easy for people to place their gummies anywhere without knowing the risks. Make sure to keep your gummies away from sunlight.

Like any plant, cannabis requires sunlight, but once the bud has been separated there is no need for sunlight anymore. In fact, this sunlight can be damaging.

It is essential for edibles to be placed in a cool environment as this will help to prolong their life.

Wrap Your Edibles

The next step is wrapping your edibles. It is important to make sure all of your edibles (whether that be gummies or brownies) are wrapped up well to secure the taste, texture and overall quality of the product.

What matters too is what you wrap the edible in. Many may assume plastic wrap or a sandwich bag but it is best to avoid this – edibles can easily stick to the plastic and impact the taste.

Instead, we recommend using parchment paper instead.

Use Silicone Containers

After wrapping your edible in parchment paper, keep it secure in a silicone container (a glass jar is a good option too).

By adding this extra layer of protection, you are stopping any air from getting to the edible, letting in less moisture. This, in turn, also helps to prevent any bacteria getting through.


Finally, store your concealed edible in your freezer. A freezer is the best place because it is cool, away from the sun, and is the best way to preserve food products.

If you are not looking for long term preservation, you can also keep it in your refrigerator.

Is It Dangerous To Consume Expired Edibles?

It is not dangerous to eat expired edibles and you will not feel sick. However, it is unlikely that a person would consume an expired edible as it is clear when the product has gone bad.

Typically, edibles will become firmer, will no longer be soft, give off an odd odor, may taste bad, and maintain an overall loss of freshness. Purely by looking and feeling the edible will you know that this isn’t something you should be eating.

Do Not Feel Pressured

If you are wanting to try edible gummies for the first time, it is important to not feel pressured by those around you. You may have a group of friends who have a higher tolerance or experience in consuming edibles.

If this is the case, it is likely that they will be taking bigger doses or eating larger portions. Do not feel forced to copy what you see.

Final Thoughts

This article has revealed that edible gummies do expire, however fortunately it is unlikely that it will make you sick.

In order for your edible gummies to last longer, be sure to store them correctly – this means wrapping them in parchment paper, a silicone container and keeping it in a cool place (refrigerator or freezer). Once this is done,

you can see your edible gummies lasting as long as 6 months. Edible gummies are very strong so remember to start slow. But, most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself.

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