Can You Refill A Bic Lighter?

In the modern world, it’s becoming more and more important to reuse things – not just for the benefit of the planet, but to save you money instead of buying new things, and money is critical right now. 

This is no exception when it comes to lighters. Sometimes too, we have a lighter that we absolutely love, and we don’t really want to throw it in the trash and get another one. We’d rather we could just fill it up when it runs out of gas. 

Problem is, BIC lighters aren’t supposed to be refilled technically. Their design is specifically for disposable use, and therefore you’re meant to buy a new one every time your Bic lighter goes dead.

Can You Refill A Bic Lighter

Luckily though, just because you’re not supposed to refill these lighters – it doesn’t mean you can’t. This guide will show you how you can refill your Bic lighter and a load of other handy tips for you to remember. 

Disclaimer: Before We Begin 

Before we explain how you can refill a Bic lighter, we must stress that we do not recommend it at all. Many stores outside the United States offer a refilling service for a fraction of the cost of buying a new lighter, but there is a chance that this can be dangerous.

Refilling a lighter that isn’t supposed to be refilled can cause expansion, particularly in extreme temperatures like hot or cold weather, which can lead to an explosion of the lighter.

While this won’t be a huge problem if you’re outside and a fair distance away from the lighter if you were to have it close to your face, in your house or in your flight luggage – this can be extremely damaging. 

Therefore, we suggest that if your Bic lighter runs out, buy yourself a new one or invest a little more money into a refillable lighter like a Zippo. If you like the look of your Bic lighter and do not want to throw it out, consider keeping it in your home in an ornamental setting. 

If you’re still committed to refilling your Bic lighter though, read on for more. 

The Three Ways To Refill A Bic Lighter 

There are three different ways to refill your Bic lighter, so we’ll examine these methods one by one. 

Method One: The Push-Pin-Plug 

Method One: The Push-Pin-Plug 

Most butane lighters have a sealed “cap” at the bottom of them. They usually appear red like a little button. This is where the butane is sealed into the lighter. 

With refillable lighters, some of them allow for fuel to come in and out of the lighter at this point – but Bic lighters are designed to prevent this seal from opening and closing. 

However, if you use a thumbtack or a thin pin, you can push this seal “button” into the lighter and then refill your lighter with butane. After you have done this, you’ll need to re-seal the area quickly before butane spews back out.

You can use small grommets that will stick in the hole without an issue. If you want to add an extra layer of protection to ensure the grommet(s) do not fall out, you can put a small layer of duct tape over the grommet. 

If you’re planning to do this method, we would suggest you only do this once. It will get more difficult each time you do it and the cost of butane gas is probably more costly than simply buying a new lighter. 

Method Two: A Gas Valve 

If you don’t fancy the idea of using a grommet or a pin, then you can scour the web for replacement gas valves. The trouble with Bic is, their size is not compatible with these valves – so you’ll need to get a little smart with it. 

You can extend the size of the hole at the bottom of the lighter using a screw or something sharp and then refill the lighter and seal the hole with your new gas valve. 

Again though, this is a permanent fix really. It’s not the easiest to repeat this every time.

Method Three: Top Refill 

There is a theory that you can refill your Bic lighter from the top, but it’s extremely difficult – if not impossible – and is certainly more dangerous. 

The thing is, Bic lighters are designed differently from normal disposable lighters, so the valves and tubes do not link up to the same areas as one another.

What this means is, if you were to create enough of a gap in a normal disposable lighter between the flint and the igniter, you could squirt butane down into the correct place. However, with Bic, the butane just sprays everywhere – which may put a little into the right area, but not enough to be worth it.

More to the point, you’re at great risk of the butane going up in flames when you spark the lighter. So, if you’re looking for a sure-fire way to stay safe – don’t do this method, regardless of what online tutorials tell you! 

Should I Refill My Bic Lighter?

Should I Refill My Bic Lighter?

We’d say no if we’re being honest. BIC lighters aren’t costly, and therefore it’s probably cheaper to just buy a new one if you need one and keep your old one in the house if you like its design. 

If you’re looking for a sustainable lighter, we’d suggest investing in a Zippo lighter or similar lighter products that you can refill and have cool, personalized designs on them. 

BIC lighters have a few pros over these petrol lighters though. Butane ignites more quickly and is easier to use in windy conditions – making it the more “reliable lighter”. They’re also much cheaper. 

But of course, for long term use – you might save money by buying a reusable lighter and a little canister of gas every so often.

The Bottom Line

While you can refill your Bic lighter, it’s probably better that you don’t and instead, invest in a refillable lighter or buy a new disposable lighter each time.

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