Biscotti Strain

Cannabis is a plant that has been growing in popularity for many years now, but not a lot of people realize that it actually comes in lots of different varieties.

These varieties are known as ‘strains’ and each one is unique and different from the other. Each has their own properties and thus, affects every person differently. 

Here we are going to be looking at the Biscotti strain of cannabis to see what it is like so you can decide if this is a strain you would like to try out yourself.

We are going to be taking a look at its properties, effects and how you can benefit from trying out some Biscotti cannabis. 

So, let’s jump in! 

Biscotti Strain

The History Of Biscotti

Biscotti is a hybrid strain of cannabis, meaning that it is the product of breeding two different strains of cannabis together to make a whole new strain with its own unique benefits and properties.

So, Biscotti is the strain born when Gelato and Sour Florida are crossed together. 

It was originally bred by a company known as Cookies Fam found in California that have been breeding excellent new cannabis strains for years.

Their idea to cross Gelato and Sour Florida together was a genius one, as it brought forth the slow-working, relaxing Biscotti strain. 

Biscotti has inherited a lot from its parent strains. Gelato is known for being an incredibly sweet strain with a strong euphoric effect, while Sour Florida is an old school strain known for being more citrus-like and energizing.

Being the merge of these two strains has left Biscotti with a lot of similar flavors and effects, hence why it was lovingly named after an Italian biscuit that translates to ‘cooked twice’. 

The Properties Of Biscotti

This particular strain of cannabis is actually quite a rare find due to its amazingly balanced properties. 

Biscotti is a hybrid strain of cannabis that leans heavily on the indica side. This means that it contains a lot more indica than it does sativa, with a ratio of around 80 to 20.

This firmly places Biscotti in the indica group of cannabis strains, making it popular with those searching for a relaxing high. 

Another great property of Biscotti is that it is fairly high in THC, making it a great strain for frequent users of cannabis who have built up a tolerance over time.

The percentage of THC in Biscotti is around 22% percent while it is rather low in CBG, with only 2%.

This makes Biscotti a very balanced strain that boasts a lot of unique qualities that sets it apart from other strains of cannabis. 

Biscotti Benefits And Effects

Due to its high presence of indica, Biscotti is a relaxing strain of cannabis known for soothing the mind and reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

Those who have used Biscotti often report a very uplifting and euphoric high that is also coupled with a sense of relaxation and calm.

These effects have been inherited from its Gelato parent, which is also known for providing a literal high. Biscotti inspires happiness and relaxation while also keeping you energized and awake. 

One of Biscotti’s best features is said to be how it starts slowly and grows. Many have said that the buzz and tingly sensation that Biscotti gives starts at the feet and creeps it way up until you can sense it all over your body. 

This makes Biscotti a popular strain used by those who suffer from mental ailments like anxiety, depression and stress. It helps to calm nerves and relieve worries, although this effect is not universal. 

Some of those who have used Biscotti have also reported more negative effects such as headaches, but also feelings of anxiety and paranoia.

This could be related to using too much biscotti in one go, as its slow start can deceive a lot of people that it is not actually working.

So, it is recommended that you start out with a low dosage at first and build yourself up, especially if you already suffer from anxiety.

But, overall, Biscotti is praised for its relaxing yet uplifting high that can inspire creativity and help relieve anxieties and worries. As long as it is used cautiously, you too can experience the same calming yet happy effects of Biscotti. 

Aroma And Flavor

Biscotti is renowned for being an incredibly sweet strain. It has inherited a lot of its flavor and aroma from its parents but mainly from Gelato. 

It’s very sweet with a strong aroma of vanilla and sugar, hence why the name ‘Biscotti’. Many report that it smells similar to cakes and cookies, but the flavor varies when it comes to actually tasting this particular strain.

Although it remains very sweet, with reports of flavors similar to honey and vanilla, some also claim to taste a few notes of diesel, giving Biscotti an unusual (and to some, unpleasant) tang.

This could have been inherited from its other parent, Sour Florida, but not everyone detects this note of diesel. 

So, Biscotti is often used by those who prefer the cannabis to be sweet and sugary.

Growing Biscotti

Biscotti is a strain that thrives in warm and sunny climates, but it also does well when grown indoors.

However, it’s not the most generous plant although you can still harvest a fair yield of 10 ounces per square meter (this can slightly increase when grown outdoors). 

When growing indoors, expect your Biscotti plant to flower and be ready to harvest after 8 to 9 weeks. Outdoors, Biscotti usually flowers mid to late October and is best grown somewhere bright with a lot of sunlight. 


So, Biscotti is an interesting strain of cannabis due to its range of effects and benefits.

It is mostly used by those suffering from anxiety and depression due to its uplifting and happy high, which can easily dispel worries and stress in moments. 

It’s also very sweet, relaxing and favored by those who like a long-lasting high that slowly builds and grows over a period of time.

This can trick some people into taking too much, so always start out slow and build up your dosage over time until you find the high you want.

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