Best Strain For Anxiety And Focus

In recent years, more and more people have been turning to cannabis for its many medical benefits.

Best Strain For Anxiety And Focus

Some people use it for pain reliefs, others just need some help getting a good night’s rest – and others use cannabis to help relieve their anxiety. 

Overall, cannabis is very versatile and has a lot of properties that can help ease many ailments but it is also a plant that comes in lots of different varieties.

This means that some varieties (or ‘strains’) are better suited for easing certain ailments than others – so the hunt is on to find the best strains for each ailment and issue facing us today. 

If you are wondering what the best strain of cannabis is to help ease your anxiety and increase your focus, then check out our recommendations down below! 


ACDC strain

When it comes to finding the best strain for alleviating anxiety but allowing you to remain focused, AC/DC is definitely one of the most highly recommended strains. 

This hybrid strain of cannabis was named after the iconic rock group and is now one of the most used strains in the world.

This is because this strain is very low in THC yet high in CBD, meaning that it is the perfect balance between calming and energizing.

Its calming properties help ease anxieties and pain, but it is still energizing enough that you don’t feel lethargic or sleepy. 

This means that you can use AC/DC and still be able to get along with your work while feeling less anxious and stressed. 

This is why AC/DC is one of the most widely used strains of cannabis. However, it’s woody and earthy aroma and flavor is not always to everyone’s tastes but no one can deny that this strain is not effective. 



Cannatonic is the strain that AC/DC is derived from so it contains a lot of similar properties  to this cherished strain. It is also a hybrid strain (crossed between MK Ultra and G13 Haze) and also very low in THC. 

Like with AC/DC, Cannatonic provides powerful relaxing effects that can help ease anxieties and worries, providing a mellow high that can also uplift moods.

However, whether it energizes or makes you sleep varies from person to person.

Some users say that this strain helps them focus a great amount, while others claim that it makes them sleepy – so, you may experience some trial and error with this strain. 

It also features the same woody flavors of AC/DC, although it is slightly more spicy and closer to pine in both scent and taste.

It is still a very effective strain when it comes to easing anxieties, but will not work for everyone as a boost in concentration. 

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple

Another strain of cannabis well known for its relaxing properties is Granddaddy Purple. 

Granddaddy Purple is a strain known by many names (Like GDP or Grand Daddy Purp) but this strain is an indica, meaning that it is part of the family of cannabis strains most renowned for their relaxing properties. 

It’s very fruity and grape-like in both aroma and flavor, making it very sweet to use. It’s very strong when it comes to relaxing your mind and body, but also reports causing lethargy and sleepiness.

So, this strain is not the best for focus but it is great at relieving stress and anxiety. 

This makes Granddaddy Purple a great strain to use before going to bed or wanting to enjoy some time relaxing, but not for when you have stuff to do.

Still, if you suffer from constant anxiety, Granddaddy Purple could be the strain to help you out during your downtime. 

Sour Breath

Sour Breath

Sour Breath is a sativa strain that works opposite to Granddaddy Purple. It’s energizing and mentally uplifting, which makes it a great stimulant to try out when you need to get stuff done. 

This strain is often used by those who need a boost when it comes to completing their work. It can help you focus and also increase your creative thinking.

But too much Sour Breath can increase your anxieties instead of relieving them. Be careful with your dosage as just a bit of this cannabis is enough to give you a boost. 

Sour Breath is also very strong when it comes to aroma and flavor. It’s a mixed bag, with some saying it tastes like apricot while others claim it smells closer to diesel. Overall, it’s very earthy and strong in more ways than just one. 

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie

This hybrid strain features the best properties of Granddaddy Purple but its combination with F1 Durb allows it to promote a clear mind that helps you to focus. 

Cherry Pie is a very balanced strain of cannabis, which means that it can help you stay alert and focused even while providing a deeply relaxing effect.

This makes it a great strain to use to wind down from your anxieties but it won’t leave you stuck on the couch, immobilized. 

Another reason why Cherry Pie is so popular is due to its very sweet aroma and flavor. It has a very strong berry flavor, hence why it is named Cherry Pie, which makes it ideal for those who have a sweet tooth. 

It’s great for uplifting your mood, but overuse can sometimes cause giggling – so try a small amount first and build from there!

Lucid Blue

Lucid Blue

Lucid Blue is another sativa strain that is great for energizing and reducing lethargy. 

It’s pretty powerful and will definitely leave you feeling awake and conscious without reducing your capabilities, meaning that you can get on with your work without any setbacks.

It’s great for reducing anxieties and fatigue, sharpening your mind so you can complete your tasks to the best of your ability. 

It’s the perfect strain for combating anxiety and improving focus, plus it also has a very popular nutty and berry taste to it.

However, it is higher in THC than some other strains on this list which makes it great for frequent cannabis users, but not too great if you are just starting out. 

Overall, Lucid Blue is a great strain of cannabis to try out if you want to reduce your anxieties but stay focused and alert to continue your day as normal, so give it a go! 


As for our favorite strain of cannabis that works best against anxiety and increasing focus, we would highly recommend Lucid Blue. 

However, Lucid Blue is often a difficult strain to get your hands on so if you find yourself unable to find any, a good alternative would be Cherry Pie or AC/DC.

Other strains like Sour Breath or Granddaddy Purple can sometimes lean too heavily on their relaxing or energizing properties, but in certain situations this might be the effect you desire. 

So, try out the strains above if you want to relieve your anxiety but remain focused to carry on as normal! 

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