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If you're like us and enjoy partaking in the herb from time to time, then you likely have a small stash of stuff hidden somewhere in your room or home. 

Provided you don't buy in bulk, there are plenty of hiding places where you can stash your product and the tools that you use to smoke it.

No matter how good your current hiding place is, though, it's likely it could still be improved. 

Naturally, you want to be able to store all your smoking paraphernalia in the same place. If you can't do this, you are likely to often find yourself with a bag of weed, but no rolling papers or pipe to smoke it with. 

This is why many people buy a small stash box for storing their buds, as well as their papers, pipe, and other smoking gear, all in the same place. 

Stash boxes are great because they can hold a lot of items while remaining very compact and portable.

They can fit in a wide variety of creative hiding spots, and if you buy the right one, you won't even need to hide it thanks to its discrete and inconspicuous design. 

Today, we will be showing you some of the best stash boxes you can buy for storing your weed and other smoking accessories. 


STASHLOGIX SMELL CONTROL BAG with Combination Lock Smell Free Storage Bag: The Silverton (Large-Black)

The STASHLOGIX Smell Proof Bag has been designed to safely store your bud without any of the smell escaping.

There are three layers of odor protection including a metal lining underneath the fabric, an odor locking zip, and a rubber gasket around the opening. 

All of these components work together to produce a bag that will hold all of your smoking equipment without arousing any suspicion.

There is an easy-to-use combination lock on the front which allows you to secure this bag and keep its content safe from prying eyes. 

The fabric on the inside will absorb some of the smell from your weed, but if you ever want to eliminate this odor, you can simply use a hairdryer to heat the interior up. 

With multiple compartments, you can store several jars of weed as well as your grinder, pipe, rolling papers, and any other item you want.

This bag comes in three different sizes, so you can choose a model that is as large or compact as you need it to be. 

The small and medium sizes still have plenty of space for all of your gear and product, while still being very easy to hide should you wish to.

Not that you will need to hide this bag, since you can lock it and without any tell-tale odors escaping from inside, nobody is likely to guess what is contained within. 


  • Completely Smell Proof - The activated carbon fabric on the inside is just one of the features that keep odors locked inside this bag. 
  • Combination lock - Keep the contents perfectly safe with the combination lock on the front. 
  • Durable design - The metal lining means this bag can take multiple impacts without damaging the contents inside. 
  • Removable dividers - allow you to arrange this bag however you want.


  • The zipper may break - Zipper may break if put under the excess strain. 

Also Available At: 420Science


Smell Proof Tobacco Storage Box - ABS Plastic Odor Resistant Container with Easy Grip Handle Portable Case Padded Lock 3 Digit Combination Black

If you don't like the idea of having to carry around a big, bulky bag when you go out to get high, then Sky High's Smell Proof Storage Box is perfect for you. 

It is made from durable plastic, making it both lightweight and strong enough to withstand whatever you throw at it.

The lid and interior also include built-in egg-foam padding which traps smells inside the box as well as keeps the contents fresh for longer. 

There is a 3-digit combination lock on the front of this box, which will keep whatever you put in it perfectly safe.

It also has a convenient handle on the side, which makes it easy to carry and transport around. 

Not that you will need to take it with you every time you go for a smoke since it comes with a 3-inch BAT alloy cigarette case that will easily fit in your pocket. 

The accessories are where this product comes into its own.

As well as the aforementioned cigarette case, you will also receive a silicone-lined stainless steel jar, as well as a smell-proof storage tube as well. 

Other extras include a hemp lighter holder, double-ended pick, and a length of all-natural hemp wick. 


  • Lightweight & Durable - Made from a hard plastic composite for safe and secure transportation. 

  • Egg Foam Lining - Protects the contents of the box while locking odors inside. 

  • Large selection of useful accessories - Including a cigarette case, storage jars, and a double-ended pick. 


  • Difficult to pack away - You may find it hard to fit this box in your backpack due to its solid design.

Also Available At: SkyHighDream


Revelry Supply The Stowaway - Men Toiletry Bag for Traveling, Water Resistant, Lockable & Padded (Ash)

This men's toiletry bag isn't designed specifically for those who enjoy smoking weed, but it sure works great as a discrete stash bag.

It is made from a special material that includes a layer of activated carbon filter for making sure that any smells stay inside the bag where they belong. 

Due to its compact size, this soft bag can fit easily inside your backpack without taking up much space at all.

Its small size also makes it easy to hide, although it looks so inconspicuous you probably don't need to. 

That's said, there isn't a combination lock on this bag, which may mean you want to be more careful about leaving it out in the open.

Although it doesn't have an inbuilt lock, there are special leather loops on the zipper and handle for feeding a padlock through should you wish to.

There is plenty of padding in the walls for protecting delicate items like jars or glass pipes.

In total, this bag has five liters of available space, with no dividers, so you can arrange your gear however you want. 

Just be careful when putting lots of glass items in it, as they may bang together while you are carrying the bag around with you.   


  • Inconspicuous - Looks like a normal toiletry bag. 
  • Smell proof - The fabric used to make this bag has a layer of activated carbon filtering to prevent smells from escaping. 
  • Padded and spacious - This bag should protect your belongings and can hold up to 5 liters.


  • No dividers - Items may bang together a lot when transporting them in this bag. 

Also Available At: 420Science


SPLENDSTOR Authentic Wooden Box with Convertible Decorative Tray - Handcrafted in Ukraine - Great Storage Organizer to Keep Your Essentials and Accessories

If you're looking for a wooden box that will last for years to come, then look no further than the Slendstor Vintage Wooden stash box.

This sturdily built box is constructed using high-quality, dark walnut with an aged leather lining. 

It is an incredibly stylish stash box that can fit all of your smoking gear in its large main compartment.

The removable lid doubles as a rolling tray with holes at the top for holding your cones. 

There is plenty of space for storing not only your weed but your grinder, rolling papers, and lighters as well.

This box is handmade from renewable European wood for an authentic product that will last a long time. 

Due to its solid design, you won't be able to transport this box around in your bag very easily.

That said, it is very discrete and can be easily hidden away since it is relatively compact. 

This box will make the perfect gift for any friends who smoke and need a good place to store their stash. 


  • High-Quality Construction - Made from durable materials, this box will withstand the test of time. 
  • Removable Lid - Doubles as a rolling tray with holes for holding your papers and cones. 
  • Discrete - There are no tell-tale signs that will identify this as a stash box.


  • Difficult to pack - If you want to take this box out and about, you may have trouble fitting it in your bag.

Also Available At: 420BusTour


This kit contains everything you need to create a secure storage solution for your cannabis.

The main box is made from pine and is very compact for easily fitting in a draw or other secure space. 

There is a small lock on the front with two small keys for when you want to keep your stash safe from discovery.

One of the great things about this box is the stylish design that makes it a great gift for any friends you have who are into astrology.

This inside has four compartments which are arranged to be able to hold a variety of items from pipes to rolling papers. 

One of the compartments is located in the lid, which is a convenient way to fit more stuff into this relatively small box. 

Just like the Sky High box, this product comes with a great selection of accessories.

These include a metal rolling tray, so you can prepare a joint without getting weed on your desk or other possessions. 

You will also receive an airtight jar and grinder that have similar designs to the box for a matching set. 


  • Awesome design - Stylish zodiac design makes this a great product for any astrologers in your life. 
  • Lockable - Keep your stash secure with the miniature key lock on the front. 
  • Great accessories - Includes an airtight jar, rolling tray, and grinder.


  • Not smell-proof - The box itself does not smell proof. 

Also Available At: DesertCart


If you're looking for a discreet but stylish way to store your cannabis, then you should consider this stash box made by Volant. 

This box has an inconspicuous design and is made with a high-grade aluminum frame.

As such it is very durable with a padded interior, so you can rely on it to keep your stash completely safe.

The handle is big enough that you can fit a padlock around it, although you will need to buy a padlock separately if you want to secure the contents. 

This product is easily compact enough to fit under your bed, in a closet, or in a draw where nobody will find it.

Even if they do, the logo is very minimalist and unlikely to arouse suspicion.  

This box comes with airtight jars, a grinder, and a rolling tray, so you can have all your smoking accessories readily accessible in one location. 

All of these accessories are made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

Thanks to its compact size, this box is very easy to store and pack away if you want to take it with you in a backpack. 


  • Durable - Made from high-quality aluminum to keep your stash completely safe. 
  • Compact - Easy to pack away or hide in discrete locations. 
  • Great accessories - This kit comes with a rolling tray, ashtray, airtight jars, and a grinder.


  • Padlock sold separately - You will need to buy your padlock if you want to fully secure this box.

Also Available At: VolantBrand

Buyer's Guide

Finding the right stash box is about finding a product that you like the look of, but is still practical.

It may seem simple, but there are still a few things you should consider before purchasing a stash box. 

Here are some top tips for picking the right stash box for your needs. 

Best Stash Box


Stash boxes can be made out of a wide variety of materials, and some will work better than others, depending on your intentions.

If you just want a box that can sit in your room and don't plan to carry it around with you, then a product made from wood or plastic will work fine. 

These are durable and built to keep your stash safe from impacts.

However, due to their solid structure, they are harder to fit in a backpack and therefore are not the most portable options when it comes to stash boxes. 

Soft containers made from fabric are easier to pack in a bag and take with you.

They are also often padded to protect their contents from impacts. That said, they are often less stylish than their wooden or metal counterparts. 


You want a bag that can hold not just a few bags or jars of weed, but all of your other smoking gear as well.

This way, all of your stuff will be in the same place where you can easily access it without losing anything. 

That said, you don't want your bag to be too big, as this will make it more difficult to hide. You also don't want a lot of spare space for glass jars or pipes to bang around in.

Dividers are a useful feature for keeping items separate and safe from breaking each other. 


If you want your stash to be completely safe from discovery, it helps to have some kind of lock built into your box.

This will help keep your smoking gear safer, as well as save you the money of buying a separate padlock. 

Combination locks are generally better than those that use keys. This is because they are harder to pick and all you need to do is remember a code, often no longer than 3 digits. 

Key locks can be equally secure, but you run the risk of losing the key and having no way to get inside your box. 


Marijuana has a very distinctive and pungent smell, which you will have to disguise if you want to keep your stash safe.

Many boxes are designed with airtight seals and layers of activated carbon in the lining to keep any odors inside the box where they belong. 

If your product has a zip, then you will want to make sure that it has a rubber seal or other similar components to prevent smells from seeping through it. 

However, if you want a more stylish wooden box that doesn't have inbuilt smell-proof features, you can still find ways to make it work.

As long as your weed is contained in an airtight jar, you can afford to buy a stash box that doesn't fully smell proof. 


If you are buying a stash box as a gift for a friend, then consider buying one that comes with accessories.

Grinders, airtight jars, and rolling trays are all highly useful accessories that will make any stash box better. 

Rolling trays are especially helpful for preventing little bits of weed from being left in your room, or on your desk where people can smell them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your last-minute queries answered below!

How Do Smell Proof Containers Work?

Smell-proof containers can use a lot of different methods to prevent odors created by their contents from escaping.

Some bags will have liners made from activated carbon, which absorbs odor-causing particles, so they cannot escape the container. 

Any box or jar that is completely airtight will also work to keep scents trapped inside.

If air cannot get in, then it is unlikely to be capable of getting out as well. No flow of air means that smells cannot diffuse out of the container. 

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