Best One Hitters

Smoking weed is a great way to kick back and relax, and there are so many ways that you can enjoy a nice puff of your preferred herb. 

From pipes to joints to edibles, there are lots of methods to choose from when it comes to getting high. The one issue is that all of the above require a lot of preparation and aren't the best for when you are looking for a quick puff while out and about. 

Packing a bowl or rolling a joint takes time, and it is difficult to be discreet while doing so. As such, there aren't many options for having a sneaky hit whenever you want.

Edibles are about the closest you can get to inconspicuous, but you still need to cook and prepare them for that to be an option. 

Enter the one hitter, a miniature pipe made to hold a single hit of your favorite bud. Their small size makes them easy to use, and extremely discrete. 

It only takes a few seconds with a lighter for you to use up the weed in the chamber, which makes one hitters one of the quickest and most convenient ways to get high. 

In this list, we will show you some of the best one hitters currently available on the internet, as well as telling you what to look for when shopping for one of these miniature pipes. 


 RYOT One Hitter

The RYOT One Hitter is a very popular choice among stoners because of its elegant design and ease of use. This little device has a diameter of just 3/4 inch (19 mm), meaning you can fit a nice amount of bud in the tip of a healthy hit whenever you need it. 

The RYOT wooden one hitter comes with a special dugout box for storing it along with a bit of bud. You can buy multiple different tips for this one hitter, including a balded one for breaking up your weed without a grinder. 

It also comes with a special poker for pushing ash out of your device and making cleaning easier. The dugout and poker are both magnetic, so they can be easily stored together without either getting lost. 

The dugout is made from the same material as the pipe, with a pistol grip design that makes it a delight to hold and use. With a magnetic lid that snaps shut, this case will keep your one hitter safe from impacts or being misplaced. 

There is even a small padlock that can be attached to the top to prevent people from opening the dugout without your permission. 


  • Comes with dugout - Wooden dugout box included for safe storage and transport.
  • Discrete and stylish - This one hitter is made with real wood and is straightforward to use. 
  • Poker included - The magnetic poker makes it easy to remove ash and clean your one hitter.  


  • Different tips sold separately - You only get one tip when you buy this one hitter. 
Also available at: StableStoneSupply


GRAV Helix Chillum

If you're looking for something more powerful than the RYOT One Hitter, then the GRAV Helix Chillum might be the perfect solution. 

This mini-pipe has three holes on the main body which cause the smoke to spin in a tornado-like fashion, delivering a significantly stronger hit. 

The venturi chamber that makes up the main body is made from durable glass to offer a better taste and overall smoking experience. This one hitter is a great way to enjoy your cannabis discreetly, since it is small and easy to hide in a bag or pocket. 

Just make sure not to drop it, as the glass won't hold up well against heavy impacts. To prevent this item from rolling off tables, there is a colored glass lump on the side which keeps it stable. 

The bowl is also small, but given it is a one hitter this is a minor complaint at best. Watching the smoke swirl around the main chamber is very enjoyable and once you take your finger off the carb hole you will get a great hit from this pipe. 

Overall, this is a stylish, fun and unique little invention that will make the perfect gift for any stoners in your life. 


  • Fun to use - The venturi chamber on this pipe creates a fun swirling pattern with the smoke. 
  • Glass marble on the side - Prevents the Chillium from rolling off a table or other surface. 
  • Easy to use - This product works similarly to a normal glass pipe. 


  • Small bowl - You can't fit a lot of smoking material in the bowl of this pipe. 

Also available at: 420Science


DART One Hitter

The DART One Hitter is stylish, and the extremely slim little metal pipe makes it easy to enjoy a nice puff on the go. This one hitter has been designed to provide users with a simple and convenient smoking experience. 

It is made from anodized metal, which makes it very durable and likely to last you for a long time. Thanks to its small size, this pipe is easy to hide on your person, making it a great option for when you want a sneaky smoke. 

All you need to do is pack a small amount of grass into the tip, light it while inhaling from the other end, and you're ready for lift off. Afterwards, you can expel the ash from the tip by pressing in the mouthpiece. 

There is a spring attached to the inner tube which allows you to push any ash out of the bowl quickly. You can buy a special cleaning kit for the Dart, which makes maintaining it just as easy as using it. 

If you are looking for a present to buy for a friend who smokes, then the Dart is definitely worth considering. 


  • Highly discreet - With a sleek and compact design, this one hitter is easy to hide and discreetly use. 
  • Spring-loaded - The spring in this one hitter makes it easy to eject ash out of the bowl. 
  •  Durable - Made from anodized metal, this pipe is very unlikely to break. 


  • Cleaning kit sold separately - You have to buy a separate kit to easily clean this pipe.


Bamboo Cigarette

If you're looking for a cigarette style one hitter with a unique design, then the Bamboo Cigarette may be what you're after. Made from titanium, and made to look like a stick of bamboo, this pipe is very lightweight and comfortable to hold.

With a diameter of only 0.37 inches, this one hitter can fit inside a normal cigarette pack and is effortless to hide for a discrete pipe when you need it. 

To use this pipe, simply load up some weed into the bowl, light it, and inhale through the hole at the other end. The bowl has a jagged edge that is designed to improve heat dissipation for a smoother draw.

This means you can also use the end of this one hitter to break up your buds when you don't have a grinder. 

The Bamboo Cigarette comes in three different sizes depending on how large of a hit you want it to deliver. Since it is just a titanium tube, it is easy to clean, provided you have a poker for pushing a cloth through.

This is a durable and reliable little one hitter that will last you for a long time to come. 


  • Durable - Made from high quality titanium. 
  • Discrete - This one hitter can fit perfectly in a pack of cigarettes for ultimate discretion. 
  • Bladed bowl - The bowl of this pipe offers great heat dissipation and can be used to grind up your weed.


  • No poker included - You will need a long, thin object for effectively cleaning this pipe. 

Also available on Etsy.


16mm GRAV Octo-Taster

This is another excellent glass one hitter, made by the same company that made the Helix Chillium. 

The Octo-Taster has a main chamber made from glass with a high quality silicone casing to make it more durable. This means that even if you drop this pipe, it is more likely to bounce than it is to break. 

The bowl on this one hitter is large enough to fit a decent hit, and can be covered with a silicone cap to keep your bud in place while carrying it around. 

Thanks to the pinched mouthpiece, you won't need to worry about inhaling any ash when using this one hitter. These features make the Octo-Taster a convenient and effective little pipe that is very discrete and easy to hide. 

When it comes to cleaning, the glass can be removed from the silicone casing, so you can submerge it in isopropyl alcohol. You can buy this product in a range of different colors, which is great if you want to get it as a gift for someone. 

Since it is made from glass, you can rely on this pipe to give you a great taste from whatever you are smoking. 


  • Durable sleeve - The silicone sleeve on this pipe protects it from impacts. 
  • Great taste - Like most glass pipes, this model offers a superior taste over its metal counterparts. 
  • Large bowl - This one hitter can pack quite a punch for its small size. 


  • Hard to clean - You will need isopropyl alcohol or a glass pipe cleaning solution to keep this pipe free from gunk.

Also available at 420Science.


Inhalco One Hitter Pipes

Compact, simple and elegantly designed, these Inhalco metal pipes are among the best choices for discrete one hitters. They are small enough to easily conceal and can fit snugly inside a normal pack of cigarettes. 

The stainless steel body won't affect the taste of your weed much at all and makes this item very durable, meaning you will have it for a long time to come. 

One issue with these one hitters is that they can be pretty difficult to clean without the right tools. You will need a long, thin object that can fit down the stem for pushing a cloth with isopropyl alcohol through the pipe. 

Something that is simple is getting burnt ash out of the bowl, which can be done by simply pressing in the spring-loaded mechanism at the top.   

You get three one hitters with each order, which is great if you want to share one with a friend. The bowl on them isn't huge, but still enough to pack a pretty decent hit when you require it. 

If you are looking to buy your first one hitter then this brand is a great place to start. 


  • Easy to use - These inhalers are relatively easy to use, making them perfect for beginners who haven't used a one hitter before. 
  • Discreet - Easy to conceal and don't take long to prepare. 
  • Durable - The stainless steel components are likely to last you for a long time.


  • Difficult to clean - Doesn't come with a poker tool for pushing a cloth through the narrow stem. 

Buyer's Guide

One hitters are among the most simple pieces of smoking apparatus you can buy. Most of them are just a tube with a hole through it where you put grass in one end and inhale through the other.

However, there are still some crucial things to consider if you want to get a good one, and in this section we will be covering just what those are.

Best One Hitters


If you want a one hitter that is going to last you for more than one hit, then you will want to invest in one made from a good material. The three most common materials for making one hitters include metal, glass and wood. 

Of the three, metal is the most sturdy innately and can survive multiple impacts without being damaged or broken. 

However, there are some advantages to the other materials as well. Glass often has a better taste when it comes to smoking weed, so if you want to get the most out of your buds, it is an option worth considering. 

If you do get a glass pipe, it is worth buying a good case to store it in and protect it from damage. 

Wood on the other hand has a more vintage feel while still being more durable than glass. One thing worth noting about wooden pipes is that they can absorb some tar from your smoking material, which means their taste can start to degrade over time. 

Bowl Size & Tip

Naturally, you don't need a huge bowl on a one hitter, and it only really needs enough space for one good hit of your chosen bud. That said, many people's tolerance will vary, so one hit for some may be hardly half a puff for others. 

As such, you will want to buy a product that has a large enough bowl for you, without it making the whole pipe too large. It is worth remembering that larger bowls may leak grass and will need a cap to hold their contents inside until you are ready to smoke. 

Some pipes will come with the option of multiple bowl tips, some of which will have jagged edges. You may wonder why you would want these, but they can actually be very useful for breaking up your bud on the go when you don't have a grinder. 

How Easy Is It To Clean? 

This is another important consideration if you want something that will last you for a long time, especially if you are using it frequently. While all of the above products are fairly easy to clean, some are easier than others. 

Metal and glass are both fairly straightforward, as you can remove any gunk with a bit of isopropyl alcohol on a cloth. 

However, given the size of most one hitters you will often need a thin object for pushing this cloth down the stem and cleaning the inside. If you don't have such an object, then look into buying a one hitter that comes with one. 

Some pipes will have a spring-loaded mechanism near the mouthpiece for pushing ash out of the bowl. This is another useful addition to look out for, since it will save you having to manually dig ash out of your bowl when you want to load the next hit. 

If you don't regularly clean your pipe, you will be inhaling more tar and particulate matter than you normally would. Not only will this affect the taste of your bud and make for a poor smoking experience, but it is also worse for your health. 

You should aim to clean your pipe at least once a week to keep your hits smooth and fresh. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A One Hitter? 

A one hitter is a miniature pipe that typically consists of a simple hollow tube. You can pack a small amount of marijuana or tobacco into one end and then light it while inhaling from the other for a quick, simple hit on the go. 

Because of their small size, one hitters are great for anyone who needs to have a discrete smoke, since they are easy to conceal and from a distance often look like a normal cigarette.

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