Best LED Grow Light

LED stands for light-emitting diodes and LED Grow Lights are becoming more and more popular because they provide a lot of benefits over other types of lighting.

LED Grow Lights are now widely used in commercial greenhouses and indoor gardens, and as more individuals grow produce at home, the demand has increased exponentially. 

Why the increase in demand?

More people are looking to grow their own produce and reduce their reliance on supermarkets and other stores.

Urban farming has taken off massively, as people look to grow in allotments, gardens, on window sills, and anywhere else there is suitable light and space.  

People grow food, plants, and all manner of herbs that can improve their quality of life. Besides, growing something yourself will make it taste that much better than buying it from the store.

The same can be said for any herbs that may be grown and consumed too! 

LED lights produce heat at low temperatures and are able to assist the grower in producing higher yields with lower energy output.

These lights are compact, efficient, durable, and are a great energy saver, whilst they can last for many years without needing a replacement. 

With so many options on the market, it can be a challenge to find lights suitable for your personal needs. 

There's a lot of technical know-how that can help you decide, but this can be overwhelming and downright confusing to many.

These kits can be expensive, so you don't want to shell out only to find that your lights aren't quite right. That in itself is an incredibly frustrating scenario.

In the words of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, "Relax". As this article will cover all you need to know about LED grow lights.

Looking at the different types of lights, what to consider before buying, and also reviewing the best LED grow lights on the market today.


2023 Newest Spider Farmer SF2000 LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301B Diodes Deeper Penetration & Dimmable Full Spectrum Lights for Indoor Plants Veg Bloom Growing Lamps for 2x4/3x4 Grow Tent 2.7 umol/J

The team at SPIDER FARMER has yet again knocked the ball out of the park with the SF2000 LED Grow Lights.

With premium-quality materials used in the construction, this is a durable and long-lasting design.

It features Samsung LM301B diodes, which are incredibly energy efficient and offer fantastic performance, as well as a Meanwell Driver.

This model also has a redesigned diode layout for improved and focused coverage on the produce.

The lights also feature Full Spectrum Light including white, blue, red, and infrared lighting whilst it also features a dimmer knob for easy light management.  

Those growing vegetables can expect a coverage of 3 x 4 feet, whilst those growing plants can expect 2 x 4 feet of coverage.

The company also included thoughtful customer service, including three years of after service at a local repair center. 


  • Samsung LM301B diodes for energy efficiency and performance 
  • Upgraded diodes' arrangement & dimming function with daisy chain capabilities
  • Full spectrum light: white, blue, red, and Infrared
  • 3 x 4 ft veg coverage or 2 x 4 ft plant coverage 
  • Detachable Meanwell Driver 
  • 3 years after service


  • Some reports of issues with on-off switch 

This can also be purchased from SPIDER FARMER.


Mars Hydro 2023 New TSL2000 300 Watt Led Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Sunlike Full Spectrum Dimmable Daisy Chain Growing Lamps for Hydroponics Seedling Veg Bloom in 4x2/5x3 Grow Tent Greenhouses

MARS HYDRO produce a quality range of growing equipment, and the TSL 2000 is no different.

It features Sunlight Full Spectrum LED Lights that works on 120VAC, 240VAC and 277VAC.

This high performing light set features a dimming Knob and daisy chain dimming capabilities for easier light management and scheduling. 

With a 300W true output, these lights are more energy efficient than many other similarly sized kits. 

Growing vegetables, farmers can expect 3 x 5 feet of coverage, and for plants, the lights cover an area of 2 x 4 feet.

The company's customer service is seriously top-notch, as they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as continued after-sale customer support.  

This is on top of the astounding 60 months US local warranty that is also offered. 


  • Sunlight Full Spectrum LED Lights
  • Knob and Daisy Chain Dimming
  • 300W true output 
  • Works on 120VAC, 240VAC and 277VAC
  • 3 x 5 feet vegetable coverage and 2 x 4 feet plant growing
  • 60 months US local warranty & continued after-sale customer support


  • A couple of reports of missing parts on delivery

This can also be purchased from LED Grow Lights Depot.


KingLED 2023 Newest 3000w LED Grow Lights with Yield LEDs 4x2ft Coverage Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Hydroponic Plants Greenhouse Growing Lamps Veg Bloom Daul Mode

The KingLED KP3000 is a powerful and high-performing LED light kit. It features the impressive Samsung LM301B diodes for greater energy efficiency and peak performance.

This Full Spectrum Light kit offers great coverage at 6 x 6 feet for vegetables and 5.5 x 5.5 feet for plants, more than enough space for considerable yields from all kinds of seeds. 

The multiple high-speed mute fans and the upgraded aluminum radiators are designed to allow the lights to operate at a lower temperature.

This will help preserve your plants and stop any wilting, but be careful not to place them too close to the growing produce. 

The light features SMD LEDs and Reflector technology, which drastically reduce the power consumption whilst still giving much higher levels of power.

The company’s customer service is to be applauded, as not only is there a 90-day free return option, they also offer a generous 3 years of professional service after the purchase. 


  • Samsung LM301B diodes for energy efficiency and performance
  • Full Spectrum Light
  • Great coverage at 6 x 6 feet for vegetables and 5.5 x 5.5 for plants
  • SMD LEDs and Reflector Technology 
  • High-speed mute fans and upgraded aluminum radiators for operating at a lower temperature
  • 90-day free return and 3 years professional service included


  • Some reports of lights running hot 

This can also be purchased from KingLED.


BESTVA 2023 Newest Upgrade 2000W Led Grow Light with High Yield Diodes Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Greenhouse Veg Bloom Light Hydroponic Grow Lamp

Featuring double Samsung LM301B Diodes, the BESTVA 200W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light performs impressively well.

These diodes aid the low energy consumption, alongside the use of high-tech SMD LEDs and the aluminum reflector.  

This allows for reduced light waste and, in effect, greater yields when harvested. It also allows for the lights to operate at lower temperatures to protect your crops from any damage.  

It features two specialized cultivation modes in VEG and BLOOM. VEG allows for 18 to 24 hours of light during growth, whereas the BLOOM mode adjusts this to 12 hours per day during flowering.

The company also nails it with their customer service, thanks to the considerate offer of three years of professional servicing.

They also offer a 90-day free return for any customers who may not be happy with their purchase. 


  • Double Samsung LM301B Diodes for energy efficiency and performance
  • Full Spectrum Light 
  • SMD LEDs and aluminum reflector 
  • Two Cultivation Modes - VEG & BLOOM
  • 90 day free return and 3 years professional service included


  • Some reports of customers receiving incorrect models 

This can also be purchased from BESTVA


Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light,Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower (White & Dual Switch)

The Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light is made of durable iron for improved longevity.

The lights should last for up to 50,000 hours whilst the powerful cooling system has a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.  

Featuring Full Light Spectrum including red, blue, orange, and white, this tech ensures consistent coverage throughout the growing process.

The light only consumes 110W thanks to the Dual-chips 10W LED lights that are energy-efficient yet powerfully performing.

The Double Switch feature allows the grower to use VEG mode, BLOOM mode, or combine the two.

VEG is for the germination stage, whilst BLOOM serves the flowering and fruiting stage of the growing process.

The company includes a 30-day refund for any disgruntled customers and also offers 24 months of quality guarantee for their products. 


  • Dual-Chips 10W LED lights x 100
  • Double Switch feature for Veg and Bloom
  • Full Spectrum Light including red, blue, orange and white
  • Up to, 50,000 hours of use before replacement needed
  • 24 Months quality guarantee and 30 days refund 


  • Some question the power output of the lights 

This can also be purchased at UBuy.

Buyer's Guide

Best LED Grow Light

Why Choose LED Grow Lights?

Energy Efficient 

LEDs produce consistent light and heat whilst drastically reducing the energy consumption compared to other lighting. 

Improved Yields

Many growers have been experimenting with different lighting to find the most effective grow solution for their needs.

Many of these growers have found that whilst using LED lights, they managed to harvest greatly improved yields. 

Stronger Strain

Many have found that when they grow with LED lights, not only do they harvest higher yields, but they also found that their bud was more potent with considerably more THC. A win in my book! 

Vivid Colors 

Many marijuana strains are known for their vibrant and eye-catching colors, though these do not always reach their potential.

When growing with LEDs, farmers have found that the strong purples, pinks, oranges, and reds become particularly vibrant and bold. 

Types Of LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Light Panels 

The most commonly used type of LED grow light is the panels and ones that you would generally envision hanging above the growing plants.

They include a full light spectrum with settings for both the vegetative and flowering stages of the growing process. 

They can typically be plugged in out the box and don't require any additional power settings or accessories. These LED bulbs have fantastic longevity as they are designed to last for decades.

LED Grow Light Bars

These are often used to supplement a pre-existing grow setup, as opposed to being used to grow from seed to harvest.

They are made up of a single row of diodes that may come in a range of spectrums, though they don't have the option to switch the spectrum. 

LED Grow Light Bulbs 

These are a single LED bulb that again can be used as a supplement to a pre-existing grow setup. They can also be used to start off the growing process of small plants and leafy greens.

Much like the Light Bars, these cannot switch spectrum, which means multiple bulbs may be needed.

On the plus side, they take up little space, so they are a great choice to add different spectrums to a grow setup. 

What To Consider Before Buying An LED Grow Light

Power Consumption 

It's true that LEDs use considerably less energy than many other kinds of lights, however, if you are using them to grow, it's likely that they will be on a LOT.

This means, despite the lower energy consumption, vast amounts of energy is still going to be used in any kind of growing setup. 

Consider the needs of your plants before committing to any purchase, ensure that you are aware of how much light will be needed and for how long. 


The light spectrum is vast, and the term 'full-spectrum lights' can actually refer to different things within these product ranges, as those with 'true' full spectrum lights will also include infrared modules.  

The different parts of the spectrum represent different light wavelengths that may be more beneficial at different stages of the growing process.

This is why many also subsidize their grow kits with additional LED Light Bars or LED light Bulbs. Be sure to know the light spectrum requirements for any plants or produce that you intend to grow. 


The wattage of an LED grow light refers to how much light it can produce. This makes it important to do your research regarding the plants you intend to grow.

There's no need to splash out on a powerful 2000W kit if you only require half of that to grow your plants.  


LED grow lights come in a variety of sizes, from small lights designed for growing tents, up to large-scale LED Light Panels for bigger growing set-ups.

Carefully consider your needs and your available space before deciding on the right lights for you. 


Adjustable Colors are required for different stages of the plant's growth, with many models featuring red, blue, and white color options.

LED lights also typically feature the ability to adjust the brightness of the lights, or 'dim' them as needed.

Growers are also able to adjust the positioning of the light in relation to the plant as required, by adjusting the length of the support rope or chain they are connected to. 


Many light kits will include built-in timers to allow for the easy creation of a personalized schedule. This is a great advantage when growing, as it reduces how often you need to be hands-on. 


Typically, LED grow lights will hang either from a ceiling or within a specially designed growing tent. 

It's important to consider where you intend to set this up, as it will need to be fixed securely to the ceiling.

Make sure you choose the right spot to save the hassle and time of reinstalling the lights elsewhere in your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Grow Marijuana In My State?

If you wish to grow some more potent herbs than basil and oregano, then it is imperative that you are clued-up on local and state laws regarding the legality of growing marijuana.

Each state has its own regulation and categorizes marijuana into one of the following categories:

  • Legalized
  • Medical and decriminalized
  • Medical
  • Decriminalized
  • CBD only
  • Illegal  

Are LED Lights Better Than HPS Lights?

Many growers use HPS lights, which stands for High Pressure Sodium Vapor. Typically, speaking, LED lights are more power efficient and offer a better spectral coverage.

LED lights can however be more expensive, as well as being more complicated to fix in the case of any damage. 

If you have the option, then paying out a bit more for LED lights will make a big difference to your yields and energy bills. 

How Much Marijuana Can I Grow For Personal Use?

This is again wholly dependent on your local and state laws, with the amount regarded as acceptable for personal use varying a great deal across the country.

The reasoning behind growing may also affect the legal allowance, as medicinal marijuana users may have lighter restrictions.  

Can Plants Get Too Much Artificial Light?

The simple is yes, plants can indeed get too much artificial light. When these plants or this food grows in their natural environment, they don't have consistent sunlight.

The sun still sets in hotter climates! 

It’s important to research and prepare so that you know how much light your chosen produce needs.

Many LED lights will also come with dimmer switches and timers to allow for much easier light management and to protect the crops from overexposure. 

How Can I Hide Or Disguise The Smell Of My Plants?

If growing marijuana, then the odors and aromatics involved are quite different to that of chilies and tomatoes.

These aromas can be most potent and bring awareness to your harvest, which may not be desired.

If you are growing using LED lights, we suggest you also use a grow tent that will feature filtration and other odor-eliminating features.

Can I Use Grow Lights That Don’t Hang From The Ceiling?

As touched on in the Buyer's Guide section, there are a few different versions of LED grow lights on the market. 

Some of these designs are freestanding lamps that sit or attach to a table or similar surface. They are much smaller and more lightweight than ceiling hanging lights, but they don't offer the same power or coverage. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks — 5 of the very best LED grow lights you can buy to help you grow your own produce and live in a highly rewarding and self sufficient manner.

Think carefully about what you want to grow, do some research about how to grow it, and then use this buyer’s guide to point you in the direction of the perfect LED grow lights for you.

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