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There are lots of people who enjoy growing their own plants and herbs in their gardens.

However, many species of plants require very specific conditions to reach their full potential and if you don't live in the right climate cultivating these veggies can be very difficult. 

This is why some people create indoor growing schemes, but in order to do so you need the right equipment. 

Growing plants indoors allows you to have complete control over factors like light level, humidity, and soil type.

It can take a lot more work, but will allow you to grow different species that wouldn't normally survive in your local climate. 

If you want to create the exact conditions required for your chosen plant, then you will need to have a contained space that is completely clean and sealed off from outside. 

This is why the first piece of any indoor grow scheme is a good tent. Tents allow you to create your own miniature climate where you can get the temperature, light and humidity just right for your green friends. 

They also help to keep any veggies you are growing safe from insects by keeping them outside where they belong.

In this list, we will cover the best grow tents available to buy and what makes them the right choice for your indoor grow scheme. 


VIVOSUN S448 4x4 Grow Tent, 48'x48'x80' High Reflective Mylar with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Hydroponics Indoor Plant for VS4000/VSF4300

The VIVOSUN 4x4 Grow Tent has been designed with the user in mind. This tent has 16sq.ft of space, which is more than enough for fitting a small crop of plants. 

It is very easy to keep clean since you can remove the floor tray to wipe away any dirt or other stains when you need to. 

Naturally, you will want any grow tent that you buy to be sturdy enough for supporting lights and ventilation fans without buckling under the pressure.

That's why it is good to buy a product that has walls made from a high quality fabric, which thankfully this tent has. 

While the 600D oxford canvas isn't as strong as the 1680D variety, it is still very difficult to tear and will prevent light from escaping out of the tent. 

Unfortunately, the zippers aren't as durable, so you may have to deal with some minor light leakage through them. 

However, the VivoSun tent makes up for this by having a range of useful openings for feeding in ventilation ducts, as well as support bars for hanging your lights from. 

There is even a handy observation window that allows you to monitor how your plants are doing without opening the whole thing up. 


  • Removable floor tray for easy cleaning. 
  • The observation window allows you to keep an eye on your plants without opening the tent up. 
  • Holes for ventilation on multiple sides, allowing you to use this tent standing upright or on its side for shorter plants.


  • The zippers are liable to break. 

Also available at: VivoSun


MARS HYDRO 2x2 Advanced Grow Tent, 24'x24'x55' High Reflective Mylar 1680D for Hydroponics Indoor Plant Growing, with Observation Window,Floor Tray and Smooth Zipper for TS600/SP150

If you're looking for a smaller grow tent that still offers great value for money, then the Mars Hydro 2x2x5 tent should definitely be at the top of your shopping list. 

This tent comes with everything you would expect from a decent grow tent, including a removable floor tray, multiple entrances for any configuration, and holes for ventilation ducts. 

One of the great things about this tent is that you can use it standing up if you need the height, or place it on its side for growing large crops of low-lying plants. 

One of the main reasons why the Hydro 2x2x2 tent is such a popular choice is because it is extremely lightweight.

At just over 12lbs, it is much easier to move around than most grow tents. 

It also doesn't take up too much room inside your home either, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

However, the lightweight does come at a price. The poles for this tent are sturdy, but may struggle with supporting lights or ventilation fans that are on the heavy side. 

It is worth finding ways to reinforce the poles so that you can protect your expensive equipment  and plants from a potential collapse. 


  • Made from a highly durable 1680D canvas.
  • Removable floor tray for easy cleaning. 
  • Compact and suitable for smaller crops.


  • The poles for this tent are not the strongest. 

Also available at: Mars-Hydro


Gorilla Grow Tent 4x8, Tallest Height-Adjustable, Industrial-Strength Thickest Canvas with EZ Clean Diamond Reflective Interior, Strongest Zippers, All-Steel Poles for Professional Indoor Growing

Those looking to get into serious gardening, the Gorilla GGT48 Grow tent is one of the best options currently available. 

There are a large range of available sizes that will make it easy to choose the right tent for your desired plants.

You can even adjust the height of the roof on this tent to make it taller or shorter as you require. 

The Gorilla GGT 48 tent comes with a large removable floor tray that allows you to easily clean up after a harvest to prepare for the next crop. 

Larger models of this tent can be partitioned off into two different sections, which allows you to grow different types of plants separately.

To support the larger size, there are a lot more poles, as well as extra support bars for the roof that can hold up to 300lbs of lights and fans. 

There are several openings on the front of this tent, allowing you to feed in air circulation and lighting.

These openings are made to allow you to set up the tent in both vertical and horizontal configurations, depending on the size you choose. 

One of the nice features included are pouches on the inside walls for holding gardening tools and other essential items for tending to your plants. 


  • Available in a large range of sizes. 
  • Adjustable roof for making the tent taller or shorter as you need. 
  • Convenient pocket on the inside for holding tools.


  • The plastic zippers may break from repeated use. 

Also available at: GorillaGrowTent


Spider Farmer Pro-Grade 5x5 Grow Tent, 60'x60'x80', with Observation Window and Floor Tray, 1680D Thicken Mylar Canvas Hydroponic Grow Tent, 5x5x6.6 for Indoor Growing for SF4000/SE5000

This Spider Farmer Pro-Grade Grow tent is definitely one of the more affordable options on this list and great for anybody working on a budget.

With 10 sq.ft of space, you have plenty of room for your plants, and the extra room may even help you to generate larger yields. 

The Pro-Grade tent has been built using high quality materials, and includes all the necessary accessories to ensure that you have everything you need to start growing. 

While it isn't as expensive as some other items on this list, this tent still has walls made from 1680D canvas, which is the strongest you can buy. 

As such, the Pro-Grade is exceptionally sturdy, which is what you want from any structure you are going to be hanging expensive lights in.

The support bars for the roof can hold up to 140lbs each, which is more than enough for some LEDs and a ventilation fan. 

You also get hanging straps for holding your lights and connecting them to the poles.

It cannot be emphasized enough how much of a difference the 0.8 mm thick poles make, as they ensure that this tent is very unlikely to come crashing down on you. 

The 100% reflective Mylar on the inside walls will maximize your light coverage and ensure that no light can escape the tent. 


  • 0.8 mm thick poles make this tent very sturdy and stable. 
  • Affordable grow tent with 1680DD canvas walls. 
  • Large growing space.  


  • Requires a lot of space to set up.


Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line 4x8, Tallest Height-Adjustable, Lite Professional Canvas with EZ Clean Diamond Reflective Interior, Strongest Zippers, All-Steel Poles for Indoor Hydroponic Growing

This is a smaller version of the Gorilla Grow Tent we looked at earlier,  which means that you'll get slightly less growing space.

However, for those low on space this is a benefit rather than a disadvantage since you can fit your indoor grow scheme into a more compact area.

Like the last Gorilla tent we looked at, this one has an adjustable roof that can be made taller or shorter as you need with a few simple alterations. 

You still have a range of different sizes to choose from, depending on how many plants you want to put in this tent. It also has two doors for easier access to your crop from both sides. 

The interlocking frames are made from steel and should be sturdy enough to support your lights and ventilation system without a problem. 

One of the most important things about this tent is its ability to keep out pests.

All the ventilation holes have drawstrings, so you can tighten them around your ducting, and the industrial grade zip keeps light inside and bugs on the outside. 

There are also observation windows on all sides, so you can peek in and see how your crops are doing without opening the main doors. 


  • Available in a wide range of sizes. 
  • All steel interlocking frame. 
  • Industrial zippers are great at keeping out pests.


  • You only get one support pole with this tent. 

Also available at: GorillaGrowTent


Nova Microdermabrasion 48'' x 48''x 80'' Grow Tent, 4'x4' Indoor High Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Growing Tent Room with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Plant Fruit Flower Veg

The Nova Microdermabrasion Grow Tent is designed specifically for hydroponics, but there's nothing stopping you from using it for regular potted plants as well. 

It comes with a variety of features that will allow you to easily adjust it to suit your needs.

For a start, there are three support poles that will give you a good grid for hanging up lights and other necessary fixtures. 

Make sure that none of your equipment is too heavy, though, as the poles are quite thin and will struggle when holding large loads. 

Cleaning the tent out is made simple by the removable floor tray that can simply be taken out of the tent and wiped clean.

There are also multiple ventilation holes, so you can find the right set up for your fan no matter how you arrange the tent. 

The arrangement of doors makes this a good tent for lying on its side, which makes it a great candidate for growing low-lying plants.

There are helpful pouches on the inside walls for keeping your gardening equipment close to hand. 

If you need to check on your plants without opening the main door, then you can do so with the miniature observation windows located on the door. 


  • Easy to arrange on its side for growing low-lying plants. 
  • Tool pouches are located on the inside walls. 
  • Removable floor tray for easy cleaning.


  • The frame for this tent is not the strongest. 

Also available at: Ubuy 

Buyers Guide

When buying a grow tent, it is absolutely essential to put in the time and research to find a good one.

Even if you end up spending a bit more, it will be worth it to prevent the whole thing from collapsing and damaging your lights, fans and crop. 

That's why we have included this section to tell you the most important things to look out for when buying a new grow tent. 

The Canvas

A good tent will need a good canvas to help with keeping the outside out, and your internal conditions constant.

Thin or flimsy fabrics will let out a lot of heat and light, greatly reducing the efficiency of your tent.

Ideally, you want a canvas that is made from 1680D Oxford fabric. This will be sufficiently thick for trapping heat and light inside the tent, as well as being durable enough to not tear or rip easily. 

This grade of Oxford fabric is also completely waterproof, which will stop water from leaking out of your tent. 

The Poles

As well as having a strong canvas material, you definitely don't want to skimp on the poles.

The frame for your tent will not only need to support the weight of the canvas, but also the lights and ventilation fans you will need for your indoor grow scheme.

Most tents will have reasonably thin poles that are designed to hold just over a 100lbs. These poles are often fragile and as such you will be limited to very cheap and lightweight lights if you don't want to risk your tent collapsing. 

If you want to use better lights, then you will need a tent that has 22 mm poles for supporting all the extra weight. 


You may think that zippers are an unnecessary luxury, but they really aren't. Multiple high quality zippers make it much easier to open and close your tent, allowing you to quickly access any areas you need to work on. 

They are also the area of your tent that can let out the most light, and if they become damaged, then you may risk pests getting inside and eating your crops. 

As such, you will want any tent you buy to have sturdy zippers that are reinforced at the seams to prevent them ripping.

It can also help to have flaps that cover the zip, so that even if they are damaged, small insects will still struggle to find a way in. 

Available Space

How large you want your grow tent to be will depend on how many plants you want to put in it.

Most tents are designed to be placed upright, giving you enough height for taller plants that need the space. 

However, if you are growing low-lying plants like certain herbs, having a tall roof will just mean worse light coverage for your plants. In these instances, you will want to find a shorter tent. 

Often the easiest way to do this is to find one that can be placed horizontally and still offer access to ventilation holes and all the doors.

Some tents are better for this than others, and it tends to be narrow models that function best when placed on their sides. 

Available Doors And Ventilation Ports

You may think you only require one entrance to your tent, however as your plants grow, it may become difficult to reach the ones at the back for watering. 

As such, it can help to have a second door at the back, so you can reach your crop from all angles and water all of them easily. 

You should also consider how many holes there are for ventilation. Naturally, you will want at least two of the inlet and outlet valves connected to your fan system. 

Most tents will have multiple options for ventilation, so make sure that you buy one that will accommodate your current system. 

Best Grow Tent

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use A Grow Tent?

Grow tents allow you to create an indoor space for growing plants and vegetables. It is perfect for cultivating species that would not survive in your local climate, opening up all kinds of exciting possibilities. 

They also allow you to have complete control over the internal environment, so you can produce large yields, and keep pests away from your crop. 

How Do I Regulate The Temperature And Humidity In My Tent

If your plants require a very specific temperature or humidity to survive, then you will need a good exhaust fan.

Fans help to circulate air through your tent and can be used to control the humidity of the air inside. 

When working in conjunction with a heater, you can make your space warmer than it is outside for growing more exotic, tropical species.

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