Best Blunt Wraps

It’s always been said that marijuana brings people together, but there is one debate in the world of smokers and stoners that will never be settled - smoking papers or smoking blunts. 

This may divide friendship groups of stoners across the world, some prefer the lighter, easy to roll spliff that reminds them of Bob Marley and the island life, while others prefer the richness and aesthetics of the blunt wrap. 

Even in the blunt wrap world there are divides between those who smoke Backwoods, a less refined tobacco leaf product, and those who smoke the most processed blunt wrap products you can buy at 7/11.

Today, we’re going to focus on the blunt wraps, so joint smokers can turn off here. In the world of tobacco wraps there are a whole host of different vessels for your desired strains.

Whether that is a Backwood, a Swisher, or even a Fronto leaf, there is a varied selection for the blunt smokers who want a heavier and longer smoke. 

Here’s our guide to some different blunt wraps that we deem to be the best.

We hope you will learn something about these tobacco products, or maybe even change how you smoke your buds forever. Let’s explore the topic together!


Swisher Sweets

Swisher Sweets are one of the original pre-made blunt wrap manufacturers in the US.

Like most blunt wraps used for marijuana, they are often bought as a pre-rolled tobacco product that is repurposed for marijuana smoking.

Commonly, the tobacco inside these cigarillos is dumped out so the husk of tobacco leaf can be re-rolled with marijuana inside.

This generally means you don’t need to mix your flower with tobacco like you would in a joint, which some enjoy.

Swisher has many flavors, the original is your classic tobacco taste, while you can invest in other fruitier flavors such as grape or cherry if your heart desires.

For all the work that goes into making a blunt from a swisher, there is a reason they are so popular among marijuana consumers.

The tobacco leaf provides a very slow burning material that allows you to pass it around with your friends without it going out or smoking too fast.

The small tobacco taste is reminiscent of black and mild. 


  • Slow Burner
  • Varieties of flavor
  • Classic tobacco taste


  • Nicotine product
  • Extra effort to roll
  • Expendable product, only two cigars per pack.


Backwoods Sweet Cigars

Backwoods are staple smoking paraphernalia in America. Many US smokers often choose to smoke Backwoods over regular blunt wraps.

Just like a Swisher cigar you will need to carefully extract the tobacco leaf wrap from the tobacco inside. 

Backwoods are a step removed from Swishers and take an extra level of effort to roll, but they are enjoyed for their ritual and the extra skill required for a successful roll. 

Backwoods are not refined or processed that greatly. While they are machine rolled, the actual tobacco leaf that encases the tobacco is still in its natural state - a leaf.

This means that you will also need to contend with stems and irregular and non-uniform wraps that require a little extra attention. 

Backwoods are for the veteran smokers who find nostalgia and tradition in their ritual of rolling and smoking a Backwood with their friends.

While the original is definitely a staple of the US smoking communities, there are other fun flavors out there too.

The taste is generally a little stronger than other blunt wraps and cigars and subsequently a little harsher too.

Yet, this leads many to prefer Backwoods to other rolling vessels as they have a recognizable taste and unique smoking and rolling experience.


  • Unique rolling and smoking experience many enjoy
  • Slow burner
  • Variety of flavors
  • Enjoyable and recognizable taste
  • Not refined or processed.


  • Nicotine product
  • Extra effort to roll
  • Expendable product, only 3 per pack


Dutch Masters Blunt Wraps

Dutch Masters are a rival brand to Swisher Sweets in the cigar market, both are now more commonly sold for the use of the refined tobacco leaf for the smoking of marijuana. 

Dutch Masters have been sold in the US since 1911 so there is a deep and rich smoking culture embedded in the brand.

They are another very popular brand that are similarly sold across gas stations and 7/11’s everywhere.

One of the main draws to the Dutch Master is their length and size. They are generally much bigger than most other blunt wraps or cigarillos like this.

Part of why people enjoy blunt wraps is that they smoke slowly and their size means you can pass them around a few friends without it going out too quickly. 

If this is your reason for smoking blunt wraps, then it is worth considering the Dutch Master.

Their length means you can certainly share with a few people and not worry too much about it going out or other friends not getting a share.


  • Super long smoke time
  • Larger than other brands
  • Multiple Flavors
  • Quality tobacco leaf
  • Solid taste


  • Pricey
  • Expendable product
  • Nicotine Product


ZIG-ZAG - – Natural Hemp Wraps – Non GMO – 2 Wraps Per Pack – 25 Pack Display-(OG Purp)

As the name suggests, these wraps enter into the world of hemp products.

Obviously, the major drawback of many blunt wraps is that they have tobacco and nicotine within the leaf itself.

Many modern smokers chose not to smoke nicotine and prefer pure marijuana in their rolls. This hemp product is a good way to avoid nicotine in your smoking experience.

Hemp is a great product that is also much better for the environment that is free from nicotine as well as unnatural fibers.

Some smokers who are used to nicotine may find the taste of hemp to be a little subtle.

As they aren’t tobacco leaves they have a gum on them like a rolling paper, but this outlines how much easier they are to roll than tobacco leaf.

While some smokers will enjoy the fact it doesn’t taste too strong, many will buy these purely for the fact they don’t taste so strong.

This fact, in addition to how thin the blunt wrap is, means that you don’t taste the wrap you taste your own bud, which many will prefer.


  • Nicotine and Tobacco free
  • Better for the environment
  • Non-toxic, organic material
  • Easier and quicker to roll than competitors
  • Little to no taste
  • Thin
  • Slow burning


  • Lack of taste
  • No tobacco flavor
  • Expendable product


Lucky Eagle Pre Rolled Cones - Hand Rolled Palm Leaf Rolls With Corn Husk Filter - Natural, Organic Pre-Wrapped Mini Cones, 25 Rolls (Mini)

This is a newer blunt wrap product you may not have heard of before. Like hemp wraps, this product seeks to present a non tobacco blunt wrap for smokers who don’t enjoy nicotine.

The wrap is made from Cordia palm leaf, a natural product that is totally safe to smoke, like hemp.

The taste of the Cordia palm leaf is quite earthy, and has a flavor profile that isn’t too far from cannabis itself.

Many describe it as being somewhere in between hemp and tobacco blunt wraps. The product is free from tobacco, nicotine, and any non-organic materials.

One great, or potentially annoying, feature of these blunt wraps is that they are pre-rolled; all you do is fill them up rather than ‘rolling’ them per se.

A good result of this feature means that you can buy these pre-rolled wraps in different sizes: mini, little mini, slim, and king.

You can easily buy the ones that fit your smoking style and simply pack them up and smoke away!


  • Pre-rolled
  • Organic plant material used
  • No nicotine or tobacco
  • Different pre-rolled sizes available
  • Slow burn
  • Sold in large packs


  • Pre-rolled means size can be limited
  • Filter included
  • More expensive than regular brands


Tyson Ranch X Futurola ‘The Toad King’ Blunt Wraps

This is a pretty cool product to come from Tyson Ranch, the rising marijuana company that is spear-headed by Mike Tyson himself and is spreading across the country selling marijuana as well as paraphernalia. 

Mike is obsessed with natural products that provide an unadulterated smoking experience that is pure marijuana.

He combined forces with another huge marijuana company, Futurola, who make their own rolling papers and accommodate this collaboration.

Mike’s product walks a thin line of rolling papers and blunts - the product is actually marketed as blunt wraps.

But it’s hard to describe this as anything more than hemp rolling paper that has been fortified.

The fortifications, such as the classic criss cross design, mean the product burns as slowly as other blunts do, while essentially having the same makeup as a rolling paper.

Moreover, the main selling point to consumers is that the skin is terpene-infused.

Terpenes are chemical compounds within marijuana, as well as other plants, that endow the plant with its aromatic and flavor qualities.

The science isn’t clear, while other products do offer this feature, so it’s up to you how much you indulge their marketing.

It seems the idea is that the terps will affect the general aroma and flavor of the smoking experience.


  • Terpene infused
  • Very thin design
  • Rolls easily
  • No nicotine or tobacco in the product
  • Burns slowly


  • Expensive
  • Expendable
  • Large marketing campaign than shadows actual product quality
  • Not available everywhere



These are a brand of hemp blunt wraps that comes from a familiar brand - Juicy Jay.

The reason these hemp wraps are worth mentioning is that they are more available across the country than other hemp blunt wraps.

These are most likely a brand you can find in your local head shops, 7/11, or gas stations.

These hemp wraps are a little thicker than others, which those smokers who are trying to move away from tobacco blunt wraps may enjoy.

They burn slowly without including tobacco and have a particularly hempy taste.

This hempy taste could throw some customers off, while others may enjoy at least some form of flavor rather than nothing.

One issue customers report is that the wraps themselves just aren’t that sticky. Hemp won’t stick as well naturally as tobacco leaf will.

Many desire some form of gum to make rolling easier, while others dislike the idea of any gum and find the wraps totally fine to roll.

Rolling proficiency perhaps has an effect on this also. 

If you want a non-tobacco blunt wrap that is organic and the rest of it, you will have to work a little more for it.


  • Organic hemp material
  • No tobacco or nicotine, or anything else
  • Slow burner
  • Hemp taste
  • Widely available


  • Taste can put some off
  • Thick
  • Little harder to roll


Trippie Day 50 Pre rolled Pressed Hemp Cones | Includes Packing Sticks | 1 1/4 size (84mm)

Trippie Jay has created an interesting product here, seeking to create a unique hemp smoking experience that mimics the classic tobacco blunt.

While thin, the hemp cones are quite hardy and durable, you would struggle to crush them with your fingers when rolling.

The interesting thing about these cones is that pre-rolled isn’t the best word to describe them, they are rather one unique shape that has no seams or anything, they do come with a filter in the end which some will like and others will not.

This mainly stops any pesky scooby snacks that may fetter your smoking experience. All you have to do is pack and smoke and that’s it!

The taste is very minimal with these cones, they are designed for an invisible smoke so that you can only really taste your own herbs rather than the paper.

They are trying to design a paper or blunt wrap that is as unnoticeable as possible, a pure marijuana smoking experience.


  • Super Organic
  • No taste
  • Slow burner
  • Pre-rolled
  • Sturdy
  • No Tobacco or Nicotine


  • Pre-rolled cones mean you can’t alter the size of your blunt
  • Expensive in comparison to other products


Shine Papers 24k Gold Wraps 2 PER Pack Cigar Made with Pure Edible Gold

This product is a bit of a novelty, but a fun one to include in this list.

If you want a truly unique smoking experience, and to indulge your deepest fantasies, then consider this gold cigar wrap.

Don’t fear the product isn’t actually gold so isn’t harmful at all.

The product is essentially a normal blunt wrap with edible gold encasing its external layer; it’s just a normal hemp wrap in reality. 

It contains no tobacco, and the edible 24k gold is non-toxic. Due to the product's novelty as well as the actual gold, it can be a little pricey in comparison to other wraps.

As we said, this product is more of a novelty than anything so quality might not be their main focus.

But customers report the product works normally and has no strange extra taste. It just tastes like a normal hemp wrap but just looks extra cool. 

I mean come on - who doesn’t want to smoke gold? This could be an ideal stoner gift for someone’s birthday or maybe even 420.

Or, this could go particularly well at a fancy dress party or Halloween party depending on who you are dressing up as!


  • Looks very cool
  • Non-toxic 24k gold
  • Hemp product
  • No Nicotine or Tobacco in the product
  • Smokes just like a normal wrap
  • No strange flavors


  • Expensive for what it is
  • Novelty product, focus not on quality
  • Requires rolling proficiency
Best Blunt Wraps

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there are many different kinds of blunt wraps out there that you may or may not have heard of. 

People often relate blunt smoking to tobacco smoking, which it traditionally is, smokers emptying cigars and filling them with marijuana instead, but many modern companies now have many non-nicotine/non-tobacco products.

With the commercialization and decriminalization of marijuana in the US, paraphernalia companies have a market of stoners who are now subject to the bullying nature of commercial sale.

Softening them up to a whole host of new products being pushed their way - everything from gold blunt wraps to palm leaf blunt wraps.

The market of smoking paraphernalia is now saturated with brand after brand who guarantee organic and environmentally friendly papers, wraps, and more.

The modern stoner now relies on these commercial markets over the black market they were once used to. 

As the consumers of marijuana change, as the plant’s legality does, a new wave of modern consumers enter the fold who will have new demands of the market that currently aren’t huge.

Globally many similar markets are far behind America as marijuana remains criminalized and illegal in many countries, although there does seem to be a wave of change in recent years. 

One thing that the US has been largely pivotal in, being one of the first global superpowers to legalize the drug, is separating the marijuana industry from the tobacco industry.

As harder and harder taxes are fraught on the tobacco industry, and further changes to law making branding and advertising illegal for some tobacco companies, marijuana paraphernalia markets have assumed the absent space created by big tobacco’s loss.

The smoker’s market that was once held by tobacco has been passed down to marijuana.

The latter almost hypocritically hammers the last nail into the coffin of tobacco by focusing on selling products that distance themselves from another plant that is slowly becoming illegal.

We convince ourselves that market morality has changed as marijuana has become legal, but in fact one plant becomes criminalized over another.

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