Alien Rift Strain

If you are looking for a new strain of cannabis to try out, then you might have been recommended to try one called Alien Rift.

Cannabis is a versatile type of plant that comes in a lot of different varieties, which means that variety (or ‘strain’) has different effects and flavors. This means that there are a lot of different ranges to choose from and some people like to shop around for a different type of high or flavor. 

So, if you have been thinking about trying out Alien Rift, then here is all the information you need to know before you purchase. We are going to be looking at the effects of Alien Rift, its flavors and aromas, and even a little into its background as a cannabis strain. 

Alien Rift Strain

The History Of Alien Rift

Alien Rift is a hybrid strain of cannabis first bred by Ocean Grown Seeds, a company of cannabis growers who are professionals when it comes to cannabis genetics.

Alien Rift is their enhanced version of the Alien Abduction phenotype, crossed with other strains like Alien Dawg and Alien OG. 

Alien Abduction is a strain not just loved by cannabis users but by growers too as their seeds produce some of the healthiest and vigorous plants that offer up high yields. It’s also very potent with a strong, citrusy taste and effects that help relax the mind.

The other strains included in breeding Alien Rift is Alien Dawg, which is well known for its pungent odor and bitter taste, and also Alien OG, a very euphoric and earthy kind of kush. 

The main reason for Alien Rift’s creation was to benefit growers rather than to produce a new kind of high for users. The result of this backcrossing with Alien Abduction has been an increased quality of hash production, as well as creating a new strain of cannabis that still provides a very relaxing high. 

However, those who show the largest interest in this type of strain are usually looking to grow it instead of using it. 

The Properties Of Alien Rift 

This strain of cannabis is highly indica dominant as it is 70% indica, meaning that only 30% is sativa. This means that Alien Rift is sure to have very relaxing effects that help out an individual in a range of different ways. 

Not only that but Alien Rift is also quite high when it comes to THC content as it usually fluctuates between 20% and 24% THC. This means that it’s a great strain for frequent cannabis users as those who have built a tolerance over time are sure to still feel its effects. 

As for CBG content, Alien Rift is very low at around 1%. 

Alien Rift Effects And Benefits

Alien Rift Effects And Benefits

The high provided by Alien Rift is one that starts off very slowly and subtly. It can take a while for it to kick it, so always be wary when using this strain of cannabis. Be patient and wait an hour before deciding to up your dosage. 

Those who have tried Alien Rift describe it as having a lot of very different effects. Some say their senses get sharper, and eventually start to feel more relaxed and calm.

This relaxation maintains through the whole high, which makes Alien Rift a great strain to try out if you regularly suffer from symptoms of anxiety. It’s great for stress relief so you can relax and calm down before going to bed. 

Alien Rift is also said to help with pain as a tingling sensation starts from the neck and through your limbs. This can help ease chronic pain, although it does come with a risk of couch-lock which is not to everyone’s taste. 

However, this is what makes Alien Rift a popular strain to use in the night before settling down to rest. Its relaxing high can bring on sleepiness, helping those who suffer from insomnia. 

So, overall, Alien Rift is a very beneficial strain of cannabis as it features a lot of advantages that can be used by those who suffer from various ailments.

However, other side effects have been reported (especially with higher doses) such as dry eyes, giggliness, and a strong case of the munchies.

Despite this, Alien Rift’s potent high is one that a lot of people love to experience before settling down for bed. 

Alien Rift Aroma And Flavor

When it comes to aroma and flavor, Alien Rift is very divisive. 

A lot of users say that it has a very chemical taste which can make it unpleasant, but others say that it is very earthly with notes of citrus and lemon.

Apparently, the moment Alien Rift smells the most ‘chemical’ like is when you break it up and some even say that it’s only noticeable when you actively look for it. 

Overall, most people say that Alien Rift has a very down to earth aroma and flavor. Some comment that they can smell pine, others pick out notes of lemon or hash.

So, if you want to really know how Alien Rift tastes, then you’ll have to try it for yourself. 

Growing Alien Rift

We said earlier that Alien Rift is a big, popular strain used by casual growers because it’s just so easy to grow and gives out a lot of yields. 

It can be grown indoors or outdoors, although outdoor growth requires a very humid climate with high temperatures for this strain to thrive and grow. Indoor growing is easier, but unfortunately often means a lower yield. 

Alien Rift only takes around eight to ten weeks to flower and yields a crop of around ten to fifteen ounces per plant when grown outdoors, but only an ounce per square foot for indoor grown plants. 


Alien Rift is pretty divisive amongst cannabis users. Many love this strain due to its potency and many growers love to choose this plant because of how much it can yield when grown outdoors. 

However, it’s not to everyone’s tastes as Alien Rift can cause couch-lock and other negative side effects that can ruin the high. However, it’s best taken at night when this couch-lock doesn’t really matter and you can still enjoy all of its benefits, especially if you suffer from chronic pain or high levels of stress. 

Overall, it’s definitely a strain you should try out for yourself to see how it really affects you.

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