About Us

The internet can be an amazing place for learning about all types of things that you might never have known before its invention. You can learn about practically anything that pops into your mind within seconds. 

However, I have found that the internet can also be a judgmental place, with subtle subjection from writers trying to convince you of their own opinion on things. 

Take cannabis, for example. During my years trying to learn about the substance, I found myself feeling guilty or shamed by writers who had no idea who I was or why I was reading their article. 

Yet still, they shamed me for wanting to learn more about cannabis and its surrounding topics. That is when I decided that enough was enough - I was going to create my own online library of information. 

My name is Scott Peters and I promise that my website is a place without judgment, where you can come and learn about topics often taboo on the internet. 

Here, we can learn together about cannabis, its uses, accessories, and more without having to feel shamed by people who are supposed to be informing us - not lecturing us. 

So, come and enjoy my website for as long as you need, and feel free to keep coming back for more of the same non-judgmental information about a common interest of ours.