Cannabis Suisse Corp.

Cannabis industry in Switzerland

Cannabis Suisse Corp. is a research & development company licensed under Swiss Cannabis and tobacco regulations to cultivate and sell cannabis. The Company’s principal activities in producing cannabis are based in Zurich.

The right moment

The legalization of cannabis production and sale is taking the world by storm. US and EU are paving the way.

E-Shop provides plugins and modules for shop owners in Switzerland with less than 1% THC, and for the rest of EU with less than 0,2% THC

Excellent quality

As we will clone our own mother plants, we guarantee a consistent experience and taste of our product every time.

Ready for the future!

Our farms are ready to make different strains of the cannabis plant, to comply with regulation across different markets.

Cannabis Suisse Corp. is listed on the USA stock exchange, under OTC Markets. Back In August 2018, Forbes magazine listed Switzerland as the third most overlooked marijuana market in the world.

  • Tobacco substitutesWe provide high CBD tobacco substitutes made from the well-known stains with low THC and high CBD.
  • CBD extractionWe extract CO2 for our own production and for manufacturers/farmers in Switzerland
  • CloningBy cloning our own mother plants, we ensure the quality and taste will be consistent each time customers use our products
  • High CBD productsWe produce chocolate beans, e-cigarette oil, and tea products with high CBD%

LIVE: See our crops grow

Follow our crops, in real time from Switzerland via webcams.
Check out how our growers water, groom, and care about the plants!



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